Creating Your Reality: How Far Do You Want To Take It?

    I was driving back to my old house to pickup some stuff the other day and guess what happened? …

    – I got stuck in motorway traffic for nearly 3 hours!

    Later that evening, I was talking with my friend about manifestation and the power of belief …

    “Matt, YOU manifested that traffic jam!” he told me with conviction.

    “Oh really?!? So I suppose if I lean over and slap you HARD across the face – YOU manifested the pain?” 😉

    I think there’s a real danger of getting silly with this manifestation stuff …

    Of course, it was my decision to move house and it was my choice to travel on that day and time. I’m not saying that we don’t contribute to our personal circumstances and the situations in which we find ourselves.

    But for me, the idea that I manifested the traffic jam is an irrational misinterpretation of the law of attraction. Yes, we’re all part of one energy field, and yes, there are many interconnections and relationships we cannot begin to fathom.

    Certainly when it comes to deciding what’s POSSIBLE in your life and in the realm of human interactions, we know our beliefs and expectations play a HUGE part.

    Believe you can and you will.

    If you believe and expect to create the life you want, odds are you will find a way. Amen my brothers and sisters 🙂

    Before you meet with that friend or go into that meeting, having the expectation (or belief) that things will work out WILL cause your odds of success to shoot up dramatically.

    Sure we create our reality through what we EXPECT and what we PROJECT. Beyond that, I’ll leave it to you to decide what’s sensible and what works for you. Click the comment button at the end of this post to share your views.

    For me, the important thing is NOT whether I created something “bad”, it’s that I take responsibility for what I want to create in the present. Whether or not I manifested the traffic jam to me is irrelevant.

    While I was sitting in that traffic jam, the only question that really mattered was, “What do I NOW choose?” Same thing applies to you in your life when something “bad” happens.

    In my case, I said to myself…

    “Yes, I’m stuck in traffic but I now allow the traffic to move again freely. I now choose to let go of any frustration or restlessness. I now choose to relax and focus on my breathing and enjoy the stillness of being here.”

    However far you want to take this stuff, remember never to punish yourself for your current reality. Punishing yourself only makes things worse and does nothing to turn things around. Instead, accept responsibility for what you choose from where you are.

    And if you are seeing any repeating patterns in your life that you don’t want, well maybe it’s time to flip open the hood and take a look at the beliefs that are driving you.

    Amanda Goldston is the creator of wonderful process for clearing limiting beliefs that I’ve been working with recently (and she’s this month’s featured guest at

    I recommend you take a look at her site and read about her technique for clearing limiting beliefs:

    I’ve been working with Amanda’s technique recently and it’s been working really well. The first time I tried it I fell so deeply asleep I couldn’t remember a thing but I woke up with the sense that a lot had shifted!

    Go see what I’m talking about right away. You’ll be amazed at the world you can construct, once you put those limiting beliefs behind you. Here’s the link again:

    Be happy,

    Matt Clarkson
    The Mind-Body Training Company

      2 Responses to “Creating Your Reality: How Far Do You Want To Take It?”

      1. Hi Matt
        Great article.

        Perhaps you did manifest the traffic jam, or perhaps it just followed the pattern of the day. If you were feeling frustrated and stressed with moving house, then perhaps it was an extension of that same feeling.

        Whether you manifested it or not, is not really the issue. The point is, you had a choice as to how you reacted. You could get angry and upset (in which case something else may have gone wrong) or you could take that moment to be at peace.

        You chose to use that time wisely and the journey passed.

        Our expectations are so crucial to what we attract into our lives. Travel and journeys are a brilliant example of this.

        How often do you hear people say “I always get stuck in traffic jams, I always seem to be in the slowest lane on the freeway (motorway), My car always breaks down in winter” and how often does that become a self fulfilling prophecy.

        Underlying beliefs show themselves loud and clear through language, so there really is some merit in talking yourself. Then you can catch yourself quickly if you about to say something negative, and change it.

        Really enjoyed the article.
        Thanks very much.
        With abundant blessings
        Amanda Goldston

      2. maria de lourdes koeiman says:

        a have enjoy the article very much thanks

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