How Do You Know If It’s Right?

    This week, I have two people close to me who have been presented with opportunities that feel exciting. One is my wife and the other is a long-time client. Though these opportunities sound good on the surface, both of them are struggling with if these opportunities are really the right ones. There are some things about them that don’t line up just right.

    How do you know what’s right for you?

    Whether the decision is a big one or a small one, I believe the process behind a good decision is very much the same. With big decisions, there are many more factors to consider. You may weigh pros and cons, look at all the facts, and analyze everything you know. You may look at the results of your past decisions or look to others who have done what you are contemplating and see what’s happened for them. You gather information, imagine possible scenarios, and talk with others involved.

    In the end, it all comes down to an intuitive calculation that wells up inside you. Your intuition will gather everything that you know and much that you don’t know and send you signals. Then it’s a matter of paying attention and reading those signals accurately.

    How do you facilitate a clear intuitive “Yes” or “No”?

    My suggestion is to pay attention to feelings and sensations inside your body as you ask these questions:

    1. Where is this opportunity coming from? Is it from an idea or is it a true inspiration? Does someone else want me to do this? Was I told that this is what “I should” want? Is it coming from my fears, feelings of inadequacy, or thoughts of “making do,” or is it from my true soul desire and feelings of thriving in every way?

    2. Where is this opportunity leading to? What would be the actual consequences in the real world? What will I find myself doing, who will I be with, and where will I really be, if I decide to take this opportunity? What will it “really be like” versus some idea I have about it? What will it mean for me and those close to me in the long run?

    3. What does it mean for me right now? If I take this opportunity, what will I need to do right now to prepare for it? Am I excited about doing that?

    4. Is this opportunity exactly right or is it just close? What would need to happen for the opportunity to be exactly right? If it’s not exactly right, what is the essence of this inspiration? What is it that I really want? How can I grow that in my life?

    In my experience, those opportunities that are right for me lead me to express myself authentically and they are good for those close to me. They end up being a service to others as well as developing my own skills, talents, and resources. They also lead me into a state of enjoyment, engagement, and flow. That is what has been right for me. Your experience, your intuition, and your path may be different.

    As you ask these questions and allow your deeper knowing to send you signals, your job is to pay attention, listen, and feel for that “aha” that will guide you. It may come subtly. It may be a whisper. Or, it may shout at you. How it comes to you depends on your personality. When you arrive at your decision, it may have a feeling of “rightness” that you can’t fully explain.

    That doesn’t mean that your opportunity won’t make you a little nervous or challenge you in ways that make you grow, but underneath those feelings you’ll know that you are on your authentic path.

    Enjoy your journey,


    Kevin Schoeninger

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