Holiday Meditation: “Welcoming The Light”

    I hope you are all enjoying this holiday season so far. I have
    been able to spend some extra time with my family–and my Mom
    who has been quite ill. When I take time out from work, I find
    myself reflecting on just how much time is devoted to earning money
    for many of us these days.

    In this coming New Year, I am committed to having more balance.

    Matt and I want to thank all of you, our subscribers here on our Mind-Body
    Training Community blog, for all your participation this past year.
    We hope that our content here helps to bring a little more balance, insight,
    light, and relaxation into your life.

    Enjoy the following meditation as our holiday gift to you. It’s
    called “Welcoming the Light.” Please share it with anyone
    you’d like to uplift. Thanks for sharing!

    Peace and joy to you all!
    Matt & Kevin
    The Mind-Body Training Company

      29 Responses to “Holiday Meditation: “Welcoming The Light””

      1. Dolores says:

        Wonderful meditation thank you. Happy Christmas

      2. Hey Matt & Kevin, thanks guys and seasonal greeings to all :o)

      3. ed says:

        THE BEST FOR THE BEST,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

      4. Rosa says:

        Thank you for your wonderful gift.Happy Holidays .

      5. Victor says:

        wonderfull, make me feel at peace

      6. Hyacinthe says:

        Truly uplifting. Thank you.

      7. Fiona says:

        Absolutely peaceful

      8. Carol says:

        What a truly divine experience. I feel totally protected. Thank you for such a wonderful Christmas gift!

      9. Uma says:

        Thank you.Wonderful experience.

      10. Olga says:

        Than you sooooo much.
        Have a happy holiday

      11. Yvette says:

        A beautiful meditation! Thank you very much and God bless both of you.

      12. Jakii Hyde says:

        thank you for the peace this brings,blessings to you all.

      13. Parampal says:

        Thankyou GOD BLESS

      14. Janet D says:

        Feeling blessed – sending blessing out to you and yours at this special time of year, thank you Matt and Kevin.

      15. Azucena Jacobs says:

        Thank you for that beautiful meditation. I love it Blessings and Happy New Year.

      16. shivdev says:

        Thank you for the much appreciated Christmas gift , Wish everyone a very happy New year !

      17. Hi to all,
        So glad so many of you enjoyed this meditation.
        Thank you for your good wishes!

      18. A delightful experience ! Thank you to both of you.


      19. Brenda says:

        Blessings and peace; once more you have calmed me. I send my good wishes to you and Matt and loving, healing thoughts to your mom, may 2014 bring the fulfilment of all your hopes.

        1. Hi Brenda,
          Thanks for the loving, healing thoughts for my Mom and for the New Year.
          Many blessings to you,

      20. Mary says:

        Thank you Kevin and Matt for the lovely peace-giving meditation.


      21. Artemis says:

        Thank you once more for the healing light! My warmest thoughts for Strength and love to your mom and you !

      22. Connie says:

        This was Good. Very-Very Relaxing.My Body & Mind is still Spinning from the Effects of This Meditation. TY for Sharing.

      23. Maria says:

        Once again a very helpful meditation to help get over these hectic days.
        Happy New Year and thank you!

      24. George says:

        Wonderful meditation–gets right to the core of one’s being

        Really sad that I can’t play it today 12/31-are you shut down?

        Thank You

        1. Hi George,
          Sorry you were unable to play it earlier today.
          I just tried it and it played fine on my system.
          Maybe try again.

          Happy New Year to All!

      25. George says:

        Thank You to all who “responded” encouraging me to try again–I did and all the gremlins had left for new year’s celebrations; it worked fine this time. I love it.

        Happy New Year to All,
        All The Best,

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