Hold My Hand Please

    Once, a man named Joe and his little girl were
    crossing a wooden-bridge in Tarrytown, New York.

    Joe was kind of scared so he asked his little
    daughter, “Sweetheart, please hold my hand so that
    you don’t fall into the river.”

    The little girl said, “No, Dad. You hold my hand.”

    “What’s the difference?” Asked the puzzled father.

    “There’s a big difference,” replied the little girl.

    “If I hold your hand and something happens to me,
    chances are that I may let your hand go. But if you
    hold my hand, I know for sure that no matter what
    happens, you will never let my hand go.”

    In any relationship, the essence of trust is not in
    its bind, but in its bond.

    Did you get the video I sent you the other day?

    As you may already know, over the last 40 years of
    Bob Proctor’s life he’s been holding people’s hands
    and leading them step-by-step across the bridge to a
    life of richness and success.

    If you allow him to hold your hand… he promises to
    keep your faith and lead you to a world of insane
    wealth and prosperity.

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    All the best,

    Matt Clarkson
    The Mind-Body Training Company

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