Here’s Something Transformational For You

    Here’s something transformational that I think you’ll really
    enjoy. Before I explain, here’s what self growth ‘messiah’ 🙂 …
    Jack Canfield has to say about it:

    “Every once in a great while, a book comes along that has the
    power to dramatically impact how people see the world so that
    after experiencing it, their lives are forever changed for the
    better. Dr. Joe Rubino’s The Seven Blessings is one such book…

    This is a book that our world is currently calling for. Read this
    enchanting fable, discover the blessings and lessons that will
    enrich your life, and be the source of the change that will save
    our world.”

    ~ Jack Canfield, Co-author of the best-selling Chicken Soup for
    the Soul series.

    Now this book is actually three book in one — ‘The Seven
    Blessings’ along with ‘The Magic Lantern’ and ‘The Legend of the
    Light-Bearers’. They are life-enhancing, enchanting fables that will
    warm your heart, nourish your soul, and expand your mind.

    They are books that the entire family will enjoy.

    Get all the details (and the books) here:

    And it gets better …

    Just for checking out the book, you will receive a bunch of life-changing
    (and valuable) gifts from many of the world’s top visionairies. Get the full
    story on this and pick up your free gifts here:



    Matt Clarkson
    The Mind-Body Training Company


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      1. Louise Byrne says:

        I loved your column on the myth of stress, even just by reading it I felt a “The penny has dropped” moment. It’s
        something I’ve thought about a lot and try to include as a part of daily practice in(Shifting old belief systems) = old perceptions,responses,ideals – stress handling being one of those, I think they comes under the same umbrella, but your clarity makes these remedies feel more tangable and so much easier to incorprate into every day life.

        Kind regards

        Louise Byrne

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