Try This Meditation For Your Heart


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      9 Responses to “Try This Meditation For Your Heart”

      1. Sarah-Jane Collins says:

        Thank you. The heart meditation is lovely and the wealth one is great too.



      2. Helen Lechman-Monet says:

        Thank you. I really enjoyed this lovely meditation, and it will be one of my daily routines.



      3. Autumn says:

        That meditation got sent to me right when I needed it! I feel a peace that I haven’t felt in a long time. Thank you so much!!!

      4. Liz says:

        Hi Matt,

        Love the meditation – maybe I should give this to my boss! 🙂

      5. Hi Guys,

        Glad you like the meditation!

        Liz — You’ll be pleased to know I’m thinking of releasing a new program for fascist bosses. I thought might call it:

        “How To Stop Treating Your Staff Like Prisoners Of War”

        Of course there would be a referral program if you wanted to make a few extra bucks at the same time! 😉

        All the best,


      6. Sinead says:

        Hi Matt,

        Thank you for such a beautiful and powerful meditation. I am experiencing panic attacks and anxiety for a few months now. I just listened to this meditation and it has been profound. For the first time in months I am able to feel some peace again.



      7. John says:

        Wow! That was amazing. Thank you. Where can I get the wealth meditation?


      8. Martha says:

        Thank You,
        this meditation is wonderful
        your voice is so relaxing.

        Martha x

      9. Monique says:

        Hey Matt,

        The meditation was so relaxing, it was just what i needed.


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