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    Hope you enjoyed the ‘Ignition’ e-book I sent you the
    other day. One thing’s for sure, my friends at Learning
    Strategies certainly do have some amazing stuff.

    I’m so impressed with their work, I asked them to put
    together something special for you… and here’s what
    they came up with. Well, you can read for yourself in the
    email below.

    Bottom line: This is cutting edge stuff to help you make
    dramatic improvements in your health, brain power,
    relationships, and abundance. And you get a staggering
    discount as a Mind-Body Training Co subscriber.

    I’m not sure how long this will be available for, so I
    highly recommend you act on this right away.

    To Your Highest Life,
    Matt Clarkson
    The Mind-Body Training Company


    We bring unbridled success within your reach!

    At Learning Strategies we’ve spent the last 29 years developing a library of 50 programs that have helped millions improve all areas of their lives.  We know that life is full of possibilities, and our mission is to help you get great at living yours.

    For a limited time you can get an impressive collection of tools to change your life with a value-pack of DVDs never-before offered together.

    Tens of thousands have purchased these videos for up to $60 each, but you can now get all four for the low, low price of $38—not each, but all four DVDs in total. Not $240, but $38. Here’s what you get:


    DVD #1 for your health
    “Your Healing Power: Healing Yourself, Helping Others”

    One of the greatest healers on the planet today is Chunyi Lin. Here’s one example of what you will see: Chunyi will demonstrate a powerful energy healing technique that you can use right away for yourself. Using this simple technique will help remove energy blockages that may cause sickness or disease. He also demonstrates how to help other people heal themselves. This is an amazing video that shows you what is possible for your own health and well-being.

    DVD #2 for your relationships
    “Love & Long Life: The Mars and Venus Connection”

    Dive into the “men are from Mars and women are from Venus” world of mega-bestselling and super-funny author John Gray. Within minutes of pressing play you’ll be saying to yourself, “Ahh, that’s why she’s like that!” or “Now I understand him.” You’ll find it easy to use John’s insights to get along better with others in the office… understand why your siblings act the way they do… and relate better with neighbors and friends. Plus, John will share his findings of gender specific solutions for optimizing brain chemistry… diet… exercise… stress management… and romance.

    DVD #3 for brain power
    “Genius Mind: Activating Your Brilliance”

    This is a best seller by Paul R. Scheele, master of the mental makeover, where you see the power of the human mind. You’ll understand how to use your mind and the minds of others for financial success, relationship success, and academic success.  On one of the DVD’s special features, Paul will guide you through a process of doubling your reading speed—given how much reading you must have, this alone is worth the price of the package!

    DVD #4 for your success
    “Effortless Abundance: The Alchemy of Wealth”

    Paul Scheele is back in this DVD to help stop your conscious mind’s feeble attempt to control your life and repel abundance.  While watching this empowering DVD, you’ll be able to adopt a powerful way of thinking to break free from self-imposed limitations and deep seated fears that may be hiding abundance. The DVD comes with more than a dozen special features that work directly with your genius mind so that you truly get that, as Paul says, “the secret to wealth is knowing where your true power resides and knowing how to access your inner wisdom to bring it forward.”

    No more excuses! No more out of reach!

    With these four awesome DVDs, you will gain undeniable insights into your own life with concrete steps that you can follow for immediate benefit. You’ll be inspired and motivated to continue to improve your life. You will realize that every action you take will either move you toward what you want or away. It’s your choice.

    You’ll find these four DVDs quite entertaining as well as informative—it’s what television should be.  Paul, Chunyi, and John are masters at stirring your imagination, getting you to think in positive and rewarding ways, getting you to laugh, and uplifting your life.

    Order this amazing bundle of four DVDs today. At $38, you are getting a humungous savings from the regular price of $240. And if for any reason you are not satisfied, simply return them for a refund of the purchase price.

    To order go to:
    Or call toll-free 1-866-292-1861

    When calling, be sure to mention that you are a Mind-Body Training Co subscriber to redeem your discount.

    Enjoy your journey to a better life. Take advantage of this special limited-time opportunity.


    Pete Bissonette
    Learning Strategies President


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