Have You Lost Your Desire?

    We talk a lot on this blog about taking time every day to grow what you truly desire in your life. The kind of desire I’m talking about here is “soul desire,” desire that flows from the Core of who you are and what you are here to do. One of the first challenges that you might face as you consider that is:

    What do I truly desire?

    You might think that knowing what you truly want would be obvious, but for several reasons this can be the biggest hurdle to cross over. Why is that? In my experience working with clients (and myself) I’ve discovered at least three reasons why.

    First, you might be swamped with things to do, many of which you feel are obligations. Most of your time and energy may be spent doing those “have tos.” You may not have any time or energy leftover to consider what you truly want. You may not have allowed space in your life or given yourself permission to consider that.

    Second, when you are not in the habit of checking in with what you truly desire, you may lose touch with it. In fact, you may lose touch with your feelings in general. You may become somewhat numb to what is going on inside. In a culture that is so busy and noisy, we become accustomed to blocking things out so we can get through the day. We may get accustomed to blocking out our inner feelings and desires.

    Finally, we may say we don’t know what we truly desire, when deep down inside we really do know. The challenge is, if we admit it, if we say it, we put pressure on ourselves to do something about it. We may have to change how we’re approaching life. When we say what we truly want, we then feel a responsibility to go for it. If we’re feeling overwhelmed already, saying that we don’t know what we want keeps that pressure at bay. If I don’t know what I want, then I can just keep doing what I have to do.

    We have a tremendous ability to survive. Those instincts can take over when we feel afraid to do something new. They can tell us to just keep doing what we’re doing because it’s known and predictable. At a certain point, that may shut down your energy from the inside. At a certain point, you may just have to listen to your deeper desire or else you’ll feel your life force withering away.

    What I’ve found helpful is to think of doing just a little of what I truly desire every day. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time or energy. It doesn’t have to take away from all the other things on my To Do List.

    If you don’t know what you truly desire, take just a few minutes to be quiet, breathe deeply, and feel inside. Awaken your inner senses. You may feel nothing at first. That’s O.K. You may feel overwhelming feelings. That’s O.K., too. Observe your feelings, let them be, breathe . . .

    As you gradually dig under the surface, you’ll begin to tap into the energy and inspiration that is waiting for you. I think you’ll find that, when you take that time, it connects you to a little Divine spark inside. That spark might first appear as a small inclination to do something—just a fleeting blip crossing you attention. Follow that tiny interest and see what Life has to show you. Start to pay attention to those subtle signals and a whole new world of inner guidance and inspiration awakens.

    Enjoy your practice,


    Kevin Schoeninger

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