Guided Meditation-Relieve Stress With Pure Energy

    Does life these days feel harder than it used to? Do the challenges you face at work, in your relationships, or your health sometimes feel like fixed, impenetrable, and inescapable stone walls? Does your body ever feel overloaded with stress, heavy with fatigue, tight with tension, or restricted in motion?

    What if you could dissolve all this heaviness and hardness, so you felt lighter, freer, more alive, and empowered with expansive possibilities? Imagine what it might feel like if your body was pure energy, like if you went through the Star Trek transporter? “Beam me up Scotty!” Can you feel the tingles?

    In the following short meditation, I’ll guide you to relieve stress by experiencing yourself as light, spacious, pure, energy. After you listen along, please share with your family, friends, and co-workers through the social sharing links below. I’d also love to hear your Comments about your experience.


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      26 Responses to “Guided Meditation-Relieve Stress With Pure Energy”

      1. homusu says:

        I felt this experience very energetically and powerfully.

      2. Randy Browning says:

        Good stuff

      3. MO says:

        I can never get these to work unfortunately. Each time I on the arrow to start the video it goes to pause!

        1. Hi MO,
          Sorry you aren’t able to get these meditation files to play. Maybe it’s internet connection speed? I don’t know. One thing to try is to let them load for a bit before playing. You might also try on another device. For example, if you have a smart phone, I’ve been able to play these through that.
          Anyway, just a couple suggestions.
          Thanks for your feedback,

      4. Brenda says:

        Hi Kevin,
        I must be getting more relaxed (or am I tuning into your voice now)…that was the best yet! You could pour me out of my seat now. Thanks.

      5. Grayme says:

        Thank you Kevin. You have the perfect voice for gentle instruction. I have been having trouble with stress of late. I started my third week of Qigong last night which helped. However, “Relieving Stress With Pure Energy” was just the thing to bring me to a serenity that I was questing for. Thank you so much and have a great day!

        1. Hi to Grayme, Brenda, Randy, and homusu,
          Thanks so much for that positive feedback!

      6. Thu Phan says:

        Thank you so much ! I feel peaceful and relax

      7. Jeff Brown says:

        Thanks Kevin! Awesome as always! Is there a way to save this to my computer like other ones you have had in the past?


      8. Jeff Brown says:

        Never mind Kevin, I just noticed that I received another email from you guys with the downloadable version! Thank you so much! 🙂


      9. Lorraine says:

        I liked this meditation very much, was needed right now. Thank you.

      10. I would like to say that I have been using your meditations for years and I always recommend them to my clients. They work! They are fantastic and would also like to state how simple I the meditations and how beneficial the meditations are. I highly recommend them,
        Melody Bass

      11. Kathy says:

        Thankyou for sharing that guided visualisation/ meditation was a lovely way to start the day . Once again thankyou 🙂

      12. Jakii Hyde says:

        just lovely ,so enjoyable,love meditation.

      13. Tricia says:

        Thank you … what a beautiful way to relax 🙂

      14. Paul says:

        Thank you Kevin this was very good.

      15. Lyn says:

        luv this, had a huge shift in energy, thank you. Lyn

      16. lilian says:

        This truly works… I just want to do this all my life. Thank you so much!

      17. Emma says:

        Thank you that was lovely and I felt myself sighing to let somethings go. I will come back and use that one again. Lovely space.

      18. Great meditation! I feel expanded and relaxed, more balanced! Your voice is very effective. I have been eating less and breathing more deeply that also enhances these meditations! Keep up the great work!

        1. Thanks for all the great feedback on this meditation.
          You inspire me to keep creating and sharing.
          I appreciate you all for participating!

      19. Maria says:

        What a nice feeling of peace and lightness. Thank you!

      20. Paul says:

        Wonderful visuals..Thank You

      21. Jose says:

        Hi. It doesn’t work for me neither on Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer and my internet connection is a high speed one. Thanks!

      22. Jose says:

        It worked today. Thanks!

        1. O.K. glad to hear it!

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