Guided Meditation-Finding Inner Guidance Under Stress

    I’m sure you’ve had those days where life just didn’t seem like it was lining up in your favor. Maybe you overslept, rushed off without breakfast, had a flat tire, got caught in traffic, faced unexpected fires to put out and unexpected bills to pay, and then fell way behind on all those things you were supposed to get done. As the day progressed, it seemed like everyone needed something from you, and more things needed to be bought or fixed, until you just found yourself stressed to the max. Do you ever just feel overwhelmed and wonder why this is happening? And what you can do about it?

    I’ve discovered that, in those stressful times, I do best to take a conscious pause and check in with what I might learn or discover. There’s often a hidden gem under my stress that I need to dig up and polish off. This hidden gem is inner guidance that opens things up in a whole new way.

    So, in the following mini meditation, I’ll guide you into a relaxed state for finding inner guidance under the surface of your challenges.

    After you listen, please share with your family, friends, and co-workers through the social sharing links. I’d also love to hear your comments below.


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      14 Responses to “Guided Meditation-Finding Inner Guidance Under Stress”

      1. Mariette Lobo says:

        recording kept breaking up.

        1. Thanks to all who are participating in this meditation and expressing their appreciation.

          (P.S. To Mariette, you might pause the audio and allow it to fully load then play.)

      2. melanie says:

        thank you it was a reminder of the lessons that I can learn through all this turmoil that I am going through.

      3. I’m smiling, Kevin! This beautiful ‘simple solution’ worked its miracle with my new, rambunctious hound dog. I looked at her lovingly and said, “Annie, sit”. And, she did. We’re both at peace!

      4. Soraya says:

        I have just listened to this meditation.

        It just so happens that I have a pressing issue at the moment. Listening to this made me feel much calmer and relaxed.

        Thank you very much for this short meditation.

        Blessings, Love and Light

      5. Raan says:

        This recording broke up every 2 to 5 seconds. Stressful!

      6. Raan says:

        Did the pause and load thing. Great concept and lovely of you to put it out there.

      7. Raan says:

        Sorry but it still didn’t load!

        1. Hi Raan,
          Sorry about it not loading for you. That is frustrating.
          I am not sure the cause, but will see if I can figure it out today.

      8. Annette says:

        Beautifull meditation ! I love it , Kevin ! They are so fantastic your meditations! Thank you.

      9. Thalia says:

        I enjoyed it very much. Really helpful. Thank you.

      10. Roz says:

        Much needed. Thanks for sharing.

      11. n says:

        Thanks Kevin and i feel there is a hope of light in the long run and yes i felt more at ease on listening to the audio.

      12. nicko says:

        Thanks Kevin i felt some hope for the future after listening to the audio and will try to continue on the meditations.

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