Getting In The Flow of Abundance

    What if, when you thought of money, you felt positive, empowered, and in the flow? In this mini meditation, you’ll focus on the Core Principles of Abundance that will open up the financial freedom and security you desire.



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      11 Responses to “Getting In The Flow of Abundance”

      1. Ruby K. Muhammad says:

        The Meditation is very relaxing.

      2. Carol Rowe says:

        I like this meditation it seems very helpful. Thank you

      3. Lovely meditation, thank you

      4. Very very enjoyable and uplifting!

      5. premchand PB says:

        I wd like to practice the meditation and like to have the 3 previous meditation as well

      6. premchand PB says:

        I like it and heard its a powerful one

      7. maryann moon says:

        I went into this guided meditation with much hope to begin with, and soon felt the reality
        of the infinite and abundant flow of light energy coming into my body with each breath,
        I felt the inner space within expanding and it felt like a great gift. Financial freedom felt
        quite real, and I was grateful, because I had experienced this past year a sudden withdrawal
        of the abundance that had been, but seemed never to return. Today I felt its sweet return.

      8. amutha says:

        this meditation just drives me along with the stream and your guided blissful voice
        along with both its just a wonderful journey.

        bring to us more and more abundance….

      9. Michael Mosqueda says:

        It is so simple but powerful, relaxing giving space for affirmation of prosperity that I believe if practice everyday will magnetize desired thought of being rich.

      10. NJINGA says:


      11. ulrike says:

        Thank YOU , for this wonderful start in this special day <3

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