Freedom Within NOW: How To Access The Ultimate “Miracle Drug” Inside!

    These days, everybody is searching for the ultimate “miracle drug”. Have you been searching for that?

    But what a blessing it is when you realize that you need nothing outside of yourself to complete you —

    * You don’t need a certain situation to work out one way or another (even the ones that feel like a big deal).

    * You don’t need anyone to approve of you or give you a feeling of approval or validation

    * You don’t need to reach a certain level of success in your business or your finances.

    * You don’t even need your physical body to be in state of optimal health.

    Now of course there’s nothing wrong with getting validation, having situations work out well, being successful, and being healthy.  But the big ah-ha comes when you realize that wanting and needing these things to happen only reinforces the illusion that they were separate from you in the first place. Wanting them actually keeps them away.

    The true gift is the completeness and wholeness that you already are.   And then, the rest of life becomes much more fun, and the possibilities  much more enjoyable to dance with  —

    Enjoy the FREE ReleasingFest where you’ll learn how to release anything and everything that stands in your way of true freedom —

    I hope you enjoy it!


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