FREE VIDEO – How To Turn Your Passion Into Profit

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      1. Hi Guys,

        Hope you enjoyed the video! Please leave a comment below. It helps give my ego a well needed boost and assures me I’m not talking to myself πŸ˜‰


      2. saxon says:

        I love your passion and your clarity, thank you for this information, great stuff I will certainly follow your advice as I am just starting my new business and it is all relevant to me.

      3. Hi Saxon,

        Glad you enjoyed the video. Mike certainly knows hist stuff when it comes to turning your passion into profits. The world needs what we all have to offer, and people like Mike are helping get the good stuff out.


      4. Mialesa says:

        Thank you for the pep talk !

        You explained my personal dilemma…….waiting until things are perfect !

        Been working on an internet buisness/website and also afraid of the success it will be bringing me, I guess I better just JUMP IN and paddle fast !

        You can be your own worst enemy to your success !



        Thank you,

      5. Hi Mialesa,

        Yes, that’s so important. Another marketing expert, Dan Kennedy says, “If it’s worth doing well, it’s worth doing badly” πŸ™‚

        Of course, that quote is not saying do a bad job intentionally. It’s saying do your best, but just GET IT STARTED. The fact is, it’s not probably not going to be great at first, but getting it started will mean it can be great in the future, when you give yourself the opportunity to learn and improve as you go!



      6. Milena says:

        Thank you a lot!

        ItΒ΄s so easy, that we are blinds to it!
        WOW! Watching video, I realised, that the need to have everything perfect is the reason why I donΒ΄t do what I love, but I am still waiting for my web sites and ask myself Do I know enough to be good at it?
        And the last 2 advises are so encouraging!!!

        Love and light

      7. Ayo says:

        this is so great.

      8. Carolynn says:

        I have had business in the past that didn’t pan out and I blamed myself personality! This fear of failure has held me back from moving forward and trying again because I have this feeling of not be good enough! I did learn most of the forunte 400 billionares at one time failed but learned from the experience! key is they never stopped moving forward!

      9. Ramari says:

        Wow!! That was Great,I hope you are going to keep this up for a while, I will definitely be back to watch again. It’s so rare to find someone who will actually give you information. Job Well Done Matt, Thank you for giving me the opportunity to watch it’s very much appreciated.

        Prosperous Blessings

      10. Leslie says:

        I can’t see the video πŸ™

      11. Conny says:

        This is great advice. I went through the process of starting a business. I loved helping people. I became a chiropractor and started by locating where other DC’s were, sometimes even associating in their offices. When I built up a significant base of patients, I moved to an independent location. However, it was not where other DC’s were located. I had to spend a lot of money for equipment and furnishing. I had to spend a lot on advertizing, even though I did as much as I could of the “free” methods. I had already gotten past the need for perfection and judging my results instead of activity, so that was not a problem. The amount spent for equipment and advertizing, however, were severe limitations to my success. My advice would be to make sure you are spot on with all 5 points in the video.

      12. Hey Dudes,

        Yes, I agree with Carolynn and Conny that the advice is good

        Likewise, I know a lot of people who spent big money getting started in the info-publishing business i.e. developing products etc only to sell nada.

        The best advice is to start small — spend as little as possible to test your idea. Then, and only then, if the idea has produced some (even small) results, can slowly expand and build on your idea.

        More from Mike coming soon!


      13. GEECEE says:

        Libido is passion. How do we use that to turn a profit?

      14. GEECEE says:

        Libido is passion. How do I turn this into profit?

      15. Mary Jo says:

        Really enjoyed the video, straight up with vital info.
        I’m looking forward to hearing more. I’ve just started my business 4 months and I took a big leap from employee to entrepreneur. Mindset is so important I realize and changing the old programming is what takes the time. I wonder some days if taking smaller leaps would have being a better idea.
        Your No.5 Within the 1st 6 months of business don’t judge results judge activity…… important.


      16. Debbie says:

        Hi Matt,

        I almost didn’t look at the video thinking, well this is just another one of those motivational spins but hey, I watched and well, I’m motivated again. I was waiting for the ‘perfect’ time and now I’m motivated to get my idea happening. So, thank you!

      17. Marilyn says:

        Hi Matt, I can feel your passion! My passion is helping people discover theirs and live them.
        I give The Passion Test to my clients. Because what you put your attention on expands and a lot of people have no idea what they really desire.
        Keep up the good work!!!
        Have you taken the passion test? Love to give it to you if you haven’t. Info and testimonials on my blog site
        Infinite blessings

      18. Gina says:

        I am always suspicious of the word profit. The world is full of people wanting to make money any which way they can and then get caught in the money/success trap that causes tension and discontent. However I think the video is very inspirational and at least takes the “perfect” out of the equation. I think that if your heart is in the right place and your intentions are for the common good then the advice is appropriate for the mind-body training co and for those wanting to set up a new business to make a reasonable living. Money is not the root of all evil, the attitude towards it is.

      19. Joan says:


        That was full of great ideas! I’ve been in business for a few years but am changing to a whole new field – I’ll be starting a practice supporting people is releasing trapped emotions that are holding them back. What I really appreciate in what you said is that your suggestions will help me avoid some of the mistakes I made when starting up in business, as I transition into this new area. So thank you so much for that.

        May I ask you to please explain the third key to a good market. There were some words that I couldn’t quite make out and I’d be grateful if you would explain that one again.

        With gratitude,


      20. Danielle says:

        Hi there
        Just watched your video……WOW! The universe knew just what I needed right now……I have already discovered my passion but just wasn’t sure what to do next. Thankyou so much for your remarkable insight. It’s so refreshing to finally have information about following the true desire of your heart to make a profit as opposed to some emails i get wanting me to invest in strange web-based internet businesses to generate passive income…..great if thats your passion I guess but the idea of making money that way just left me feeling empty. The 5 steps are clear and concise and make a lot of sense. It’s great having this information because when it comes to my passion I often get so excited about it that it’s hard to think rationally πŸ™‚ Seeing your video really has made my day and I can’t wait to tell all my friends. Your passion shines through and is infectious, keep up all the inspiring work!

      21. chris cupitt says:

        I just chatted with a friend on making a business out of something that we have passion around, she hung up the phone and opened her emails to find the link to your recording! Perfect timing. Loved your info, thanks for sharing your knowledge.

      22. Asim Ghauri says:

        Dear Clarkson
        The following points were motivating and food for thought !
        Target the market which already exists. NO EXPERIMENTS
        In the first six months don’t “judge your results Judge your activities”
        Regards & take care

      23. Asim Ghauri says:

        Dear Matt
        The folowing point was very motivating and food for thought !
        “Don’t Judge results in the first six months ,Judge your activities”

      24. johnson fro, Togo says:

        this is a great advice for ppeple like me who want to get every thing perfect all the time. thanks yuor advice will help me press on with my goals

      25. Hi Guys,

        Yes, that’s a great tip from Mike — don’t judge results for the first 6 months, just focus on activity.

        Gina makes a good point about “money” and “profit”. Did anyone else feel some internal twinges at words like that? It’s no surprise given what we’ve all grown up with plus all the mass-media’s programming. I agree that “the love of money” leads to tension and discontent, and yes, money and profit are neither good nor bad, it’s the attitude we take to them. Of course “the love of money” trap is not just for “big business” and the evil oil tycoon in the flashy suit. Working 50 hours a week, slaving away, doing a job you hate can be just as much a “money/success trap” as anything else.

        I believe we all deserve to have an abundance of all good things in our lives — love, health and money. And of course the law of attraction is about giving first. After all, money is only a measure of value exchanged between people.

        Joan was asking about point #4 — market selection. The idea is to choose your market wisely. You want to find a market with **proven buyers**. If there is no competition in a market, then that’s a sign to stay away. Where are people ALREADY spending money?

        TIP: If there’s a magazine on a topic, then you know it has proven buyers (magazines are funded by subscriptions and advertising).

        Then you have to work out what your gifts/strengths are as Mike says, and how can you bring something new to an existing (proven) market.


      26. Marietta says:

        For reasons unknown, the video did not play.

      27. Tracy says:

        Hi Matt,

        Thank you. Im more motivated now to complete my work for my passion to happen – Hypnotherapy. Funny enough, Im good at motivating and inspiring so many people, apart from myself! So thank you Mike. Think I need to start the day with that video and I’ll be set!

        Tracy Swift
        Clinical Hypnotherapist

        Anxiety, Fears, Phobias, Exam nerves, Smoking Cessation, Confidence, Self Esteem and many more.

        Have to take every opportunity to advertise!!!

      28. Sam Hayes says:

        Just what I needed to hear. I have been working in my area for so long I thought I was losing my passion. I went to a very bad presentation a few days ago and it made me realise (because I became so upset about it) that my passion is still with me. Im just in the wrong place right now.
        Now I have to start my planning to make my mark.
        Thanks, I must forward this on to my colleague.
        We are ready for change.

        Sam Perth Western Australia

      29. Melanie says:

        I have never been in business for myself in the past but am now in the process of creating a product that will not only help people but also allows my passions in life to come alive.
        When I watched the brief video about starting a new business, I can’t tell you how much it helped me to consider the costs among other things that go along with a new business or selling a new product and because of your words of wisdom about the important factors to consider, you helped me to such a large degree and I thank you so much for that.
        I hope to see your videos on the internet and will be sure to never miss any of them.
        Thank you so much and hope to see more of you on the internet.


        Montreal, Quebec, Canada

      30. Karol says:

        Thanks so much for keeping it simple!

      31. Annelise says:

        Dear Mike!

        Your advise was a true inspiration and it felt almost like I stumbled upon it today. I have been starting my business slowly, not investing much since what I need I already have – my competence. Customers keep calling, all I did was talk to people and hang small posters were potential costumers would be. Still, there must be things holding me back, therefore your advice “having a passion and being just a little better than the next person is enough” was excellent and just what I needed at this point. This has renewed my passion, and I want to thank you for doing so!

        Love <3

      32. Alizay says:

        ALIZAY Really enjoyed the video, straight up with vital info.
        I’m looking forward to hearing more.andilearnt more and more

      33. Mark wm. Gagnier says:

        Thank You.

      34. Ali says:

        That was great
        but i have trouble to see that
        may i have this video?
        thank you

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