Free Meditation Download – How To Develop The Skill Of Conscious Dreaming

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      12 Responses to “Free Meditation Download – How To Develop The Skill Of Conscious Dreaming”

      1. stephen says:

        I feel refreshed and hopeful. I enjoyed this audio.

      2. Athena says:

        How lovely! Thank you so much!

      3. gautam says:

        this is not getting downloaded , You can only play it from the site .

      4. Raghu Rao says:

        I have tried many methods before, but this one is truly effective. I intend to use it regularly. Would welcome any updates or add – on’s to this method.

        For those who have’nt tried it yet, I sincerely suggest that you do – takes only a few minutes but the effect lasts way beyond that.

        Thanks Matt and Kevin.

      5. Karen says:

        I have tried many different programs before this seems to have a better effect on you. Direct and to the point instead of all the fluff they add to it. I would highly recommend to try for those who are searching for fast results.

      6. fina says:

        Hi, I enjoy listen this program that you send to me. I like about what is your dream right now. It helps remind me what I want to do for my future. I just wan to say thank you for you send this great program for me.


      7. Ishrat Karbach says:

        this is very inspiring massage i enjoy listing this methods I never try any thing before but i think it will help any one to have their dream come true.

      8. Sanjeev Ranjan says:

        THANKS!! An amazing feeling. It provides both understanding and steps that should make a difference.

      9. Shaliea says:

        I am so greatful to have gotten the chance to experience these meditations. I truly believe these meditations work and I cant wait to have the entire kit. Im ready to live the life I’ve always dreamed and this is my focus for 2010 and I think is soo funny how God is preparing my mind to do just that. I know its no accident that i received these emails to get the process going. Im so thankful and ready!!!

      10. Lynn says:

        Thank you both for such wonderful work and all you do in the name of truth and light. Blessings to you this holiday season and may we remember that each day we are given a brand new opportunity to align ourselves even closer to what we believe God or Source to be. Let us all “be the change we wish to see in the world”. (Gandhi)

      11. devpriya says:

        Thankyou very much for the meditation (Christmas Gift-Gratitude meditation) it was rejuvenating and God sent. God Bless you for your great works.

      12. Cathi says:

        I enjoyed the conscious dreaming meditation. It is certainly worthwhile to think about what it was you truly dreamed of, and what you dream of now. For me it was a reminder that my heart will always be in my creative endeavours. I will listen to this a few more times to clarify and strengthen that dream, in the hope that someday this will be reality. Thanks!

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