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    Welcome! I’m Kevin Schoeninger.  Today I am going to guide you through a powerful exercise to help you connect with YOUR true purpose, your HIGHER calling, the reason that you are here on this Earth.

    First, I have something really important to share with you.

    It’s so important and so crucial, that it will affect YOUR ENTIRE LIFE – your health, relationships, and how much money is in your pocket.  It will affect ALL YOUR SUCCESS (or lack of it) with the law of attraction.  If you “get” what I’m about to tell you, then everything you consciously intend through the law of attraction will work 1000% better.  If you don’t get this, you set yourself up for more frustration.

    It’s a “biggie” and guess what, nobody talked about it in “the Secret”.  And as far as I know, nobody talks about this in any of the “secret behind ‘the Secret’ programs!” J

    Are you ready?

    Well here it is…

    Your Life Has A Purpose

    Not MANY possible purposes… Not “all the money, success and results you could want”… Not infinite possibilities.

    BUT SPECIFIC POSSIBILITIES.  You are here to manifest a small number of unique opportunities.  There’s ONE unique path that’s right for you.  Not many, not infinite, but ONE.

    So often we get stuck because we see too many choices, too many competing desires, too many mixed messages.  When you know your CORE possibility — what’s highest and best for you, right here, right now — two things happen.  First, you’re MUCH happier and more fulfilled.  Second, you will be much more effective at manifesting what you truly desire.

    So the following exercise is all about discovering your purpose and living your dream.  Because  when you do, your intention will be multiplied through the law of attraction.  People will be amazed at how things are happening for you in your life.  And when you tap into this level, the rest of what you want comes along with it

    And I believe you’re listening to me now for that very reason

    So what I’d like you to do right now is to find a quiet, private space, and reserve a few minutes to go through an inner journey.  Turn off your phone and let the outer world recede into the background.

    Find a comfortable seat and sit in an upright position with your hands cupped in your lap, one resting in the other.  Lightly close your eyes and take several slow deep breaths.  As you inhale, imagine and feel that your whole body is filling up with your breath.  As you exhale, imagine and feel that your whole body is emptying out.

    If any thoughts, worries, memories, or anxieties come into your inner space, recognize them, accept that they are there, then let them go and return to your breathing.  Allow your breath to clear your inner space.  Become absolutely interested in following your breath, as if nothing else matters at this moment.  Breathe consciously for the next thirty seconds.

    Now imagine that your inner space is completely clear.  Imagine yourself as a blank screen.  Imagine that you’ve cleaned the slate of your life so that you can picture, write, say, or define your life in any way you desire.  Right now you have a fresh start.

    Imagine what I’m about to describe from the most positive perspective.  Allow the following possibility to guide you to hone in on what is most important to you.

    Imagine that this is your last day on earth.  If any anxiety about this possibility comes into your inner space, recognize it, accept it completely, let it go, and return to imagining this last day in the most positive way.

    As you go through the following questions, some specific images or feelings may arise.  Whether something specific appears, or not, the important thing is to take this time to feel inside, to ask the questions and be receptive to inner guidance.

    Whatever happens, or doesn’t happen, is O.K.  Simply be open, attentive, and relaxed.

    Now, because this is your last day on earth, you will do only what is most important to you.

    What is most important to you for your health, for your relationships, for fully expressing who you are and what you are here to do?  If this were your last day on earth, what would you get busy doing?  How would you care for yourself, what would you do or say to others, what would you make sure that you accomplished to feel good about this day?

    Is there anything that you’ve meant to do, but haven’t gotten around to?  What are your dreams?

    What legacy do you want to leave?  If what you thought, felt, said, and did today were the record and the contribution that you would leave behind, what would your day be like?  What would you do?

    Allow your best possibilities to take center stage.   Feel the inspiring urgency to bring these possibilities into being right here and now.

    Take a minute to write down whatever feels most important to you from this inner experience.

    And please leave your comment on the blog!  I love to hear your feedback!!!

      120 Responses to “FREE Meditation Download – Connect With Your True Purpose!”

      1. Brenda says:

        Dear Matt & Kevin…
        Thanxz for sharing this with us..
        It’s kind of funny in a way..
        This week I have actually been
        thinking just this!
        I am a very spiritual being
        & have studied Many Types
        of Religion, prior to choosing
        What I have been (toying with)
        is the idea, of just that..
        In all beliefs, there is a creator..
        One would not just make all kinds of
        people of all kinds of backgrounds to
        just: be here for nothing.. I’m thinking
        the Creator had a specific Idea of what he
        wanted (the people) to contribute or accomplish
        in their time here.
        Also, I live this…. I read a quote that said:
        source is unknown..
        You have given me some more food for thought
        as to what I have been thinking about & validated
        my Idea..Letting me know I am on the right path.
        Thanxz again.

      2. Ramesh says:

        happy to be a part of such movements

      3. Bob says:

        Oh, what a piece of mind jogging!

      4. karen says:

        peace love joy happiness just being graditude and thankyou for this present moment in the now love always being oneness with who we are and all that is love

      5. Stan says:

        Hello again! I do not know what your conscious awareness program entails, so let me just write this as a for-thought: All of life is in the moment, in this instant, in between breaths, where all past, present and future is. It is in the moment that all of life is created. I look forward to learning more of your program that appears to consolidate bits and pieces of truth and wisdom from around the world. Respectfully, Stan

      6. Adetola says:

        It was pretty cool. Though i didn’t fully understand the “look at your life like a white board” statement but I was able to get a clue as to my purpose. Guess i’ll do a repeat and get a sharper definition.

        Thanks guys.

      7. Rita says:


      8. Roy Millett says:

        Hi Kevin

        I’m going to express an opinion here that I hope you will take as being both positive and constructive. I have been a musician/ performer as well as a song writer for a number of years. ( no, I’m not famous. ) but I do have some understanding of what it takes to connect with people authentically. In the past I have experimented with some of the meditations of Kelly Howell from Brain Sync. Same experience. Your writing is very good but I think your delivery needs some work. The intonation of your voice is too forced, trying to produce a soothing effect and to intimate intensity and integrity there is an unnatural flow of speech. Perhaps you could study some great orators and then just be yourself. I think you have the tools. All the best, Roy

      9. Bill says:


        The content is great. My only problem is with the tone of the voice. It sounds like a format distortion or something. The introduction sounds fine but the rest has this audio distortion which I find distracting. Just record it regular.
        Thanks Bill

      10. Sally Stecher says:

        Thank you. I have always {since a child} had a desire to let people know how valuable their are. Their worth. How they can make {and do make} a difference in others lives and in this world. I’ve always had a strong desire to see people healed in their heart and spirit. Not sure what I can do with that. Thank you was a good refresher for me.

      11. parameshwari says:

        Dear Kevin,It’s amazing,thank you for sharing it with us.The same question I heard when I was 8 only.I had many dreams,I failed every one of them.I had that moment of feelings, is this my last minute and I close my eyes in front of my son.I’ve seen my own funeral, I felt re born thanks to my son who bring me bake from death.I’ve been many unknown places,lots of life’s experience,never had a chance to share with others.In this moment,I felt sudden love of my life and off course my loving children and start thinking about my old father who gave me life, who love me so much. thank you for reminding me of my Dream. Today I have Hope. You gave me hope to keep my dream alive.thank you.My sincere love to you and your family and I wish you have the Peace,joy,health and prosperous life.

      12. lynda says:

        I enjoyed the meditation. I also realised how difficult it would be to actualise ‘what I would do if it was my last day on earth’ today, as it would be illegal!

      13. lynda says:

        PS. I loved your voice.

      14. denise says:

        I am really struggling with getting in touch with my inner self. When I listen to the guided meditations, I feel relaxed and then get feeling a bit tipsy (?), and i begin to see a fantastic light show or sometimes the light seems so bright i want to close my eyes -and realize they are closed- then nothing… either anxiety or simply emptiness and I restlessness.

      15. michael says:


        it made me realise that i have to share as much love and happiness every day with everyone i meet starting with a smile

        in return for the gifts you share with me i send to all a beautiful heart smile

      16. Palak Shah says:

        Great! I really enjoyed what I discovered from this.

        With eternal gratitude,

      17. DANNY says:

        Hi i listened to the meditation and read all the comments-as stated in reality being the last day if we were aware of it would leave a lot thought but little time to close circles and undo knots – did we accomplish all we planned -answer no-will we answer yes, in this fagile time of existance on this planet we still have unfinished business to fullfill -why were be born here on planet earth – the divine will of creator -God to serve His Divine purpose and that not of our selves -to know his Divine Love and purpose He has chosen for us – to spread His Love and Joy and Peace to all of His creation -to be spiritally aware of His presence ,- can we accomplish all of this in a life time — no, but being eternally created the purpose does not ellude us for by Divine intervention It will be accomplished as our Names were chosen before the foundations of earth and the hairs on our head were numbered Oh what great creation. my legacy in His perfection He has made me perfect.

      18. Ruth Sheffi says:


      19. Wayne says:

        Thanks! Felt the youthful enthusiasm from the perspective of my authentic dream. Even tho my dream results will appear in the FUTURE, I felt younger in that picture!
        Also felt that the dream meant more than anything else could, with specific possibilities come to pass.
        Very good meditation approach with significant key words and thought provoking phrases, yet seems to lack the energy I feel in some of the other offerrings experienced.

      20. Sanjeev Ranjan says:

        I consider myself lucky – I have stumbled upon some of the finest audios. THANKS for sharing with us. You are really making this world a better place to live.
        I wish you the best in your life.   

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