Free Meditation Download And Audio Tips: How To Raise Your Vibration By Getting ‘Holistically Fit’!

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    Holistic Fitness Meditation Download
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      25 Responses to “Free Meditation Download And Audio Tips: How To Raise Your Vibration By Getting ‘Holistically Fit’!”

      1. Susie Faver says:

        Only 4 seconds of the download came through.

        Thanks, tried it twice.

      2. Steve says:

        Took your test a couple of weeks ago.
        Don’t remember getting my results.
        Can you send them again, or must I take the test a second time?
        I’m already receiving your program offers and don’t want duplicate e-mails to clutter & confuse my brain & mailbox.
        Thank you,

      3. To Susie,
        Sorry your download didn’t work for you. I’ve just checked on a couple systems and in a couple browsers and it came through fine. You might try in a different browser?

        To Steve,
        The quiz results go out automatically to you via email and we don’t have a way to go back and resend. So the only way is to retake the quiz. Sorry for any inconvenience.


      4. janet says:

        download not happening on my mac 🙁

      5. Matt Clarkson says:

        Hi Janet,

        I’m not sure why you’re not able to get the download.

        Can any MAC users suggest how they were able to do it successfully?



      6. Jose says:

        I didn’t have a problem downloading the file on my mac. All you need to do is right click on the file and choose “save link as”.

      7. paul says:

        thank you so much. downloaded many meditations all are very very useful for me. Wonderful service to me.
        I am doing some other meditation. slowly i hope to get one package from you.
        Love and blessings!

      8. I like the idea of approaching health from these 4 equally important platforms. ( meditation, aerobic, flexibility, strenthening) They have a unique yet integral part of making it all work. As you strengthen one area, the others improve as well. If one were to imagine the hands of a clock on the hours (12, 3, 6, 9) and see that it returns to 12 and continues infinitely in an unbroken circle, so can one’s health if they move through the all the 4 important phases. Many thanks for this insightful approach to health.

      9. Alex says:

        I agree with you that the combination of the four elements is great for balancing both your mental state of mind as for you physical well being. No doubt about that. Would you not recieve the same results, combining the meditation with yoga exercises. Then your programme will maybe be an easier way to achieve the goals, than learning and training the yoga. Thanks for the good guidance from you.

      10. Shirley Woods says:

        Hello Matt,
        I did enjoy the meditation. I have been in the exercise field over 20 years and do almost all of it. I am a real believer that all the components are required for over all fitness. I am currently the Wellness Manager for a facility and I designed all the programs which is very balanced! I do believe you have to fall in love with fitness and do something you enjoy to keep it going. I also believe if you don’t find time for exercise, you will have to make time for illness. I just returned from a 4 day workshop with Dr. Lam in Tai Chi which I teach all levels several times a week. Thanks for all the information and downloads!
        Shirley Woods

      11. Jeannette says:

        I am sorry, but the meditation will not load. I tried it twice.

      12. Deborah says:

        Hi Kevin and Matt,
        thank you so much for the free meditation download that is very generous of you. I am enjoying your Power of Practice Program very much , it has a gentle yet powerful way of leading me away from the tensions and stresses that come up in life and bringing me back to a peaceful and centred space. I love it !

        Your meditation arrived with good timing because we had a friend come over yesterday evening and immediately I felt his energy was very irritable even though he tried to hide it. As the evening went on I began to feel uneasy and even repulsed by his energy. I didn’t say anything but I think he picked up on my wanting him to leave as he did leave quite early and I felt a sense of relief of tension when he left.

        My husband and I then went off to sleep as usual and thought nothing of it, however this morning I had the same feeling around me as if his energy was still lingering around my aura. When I saw your meditation gift I thought it might help and I played it immediately.

        As I followed your words I felt the tension of this feeling very clearly, then I let it disappear just as you said. I did this about three times as it kept coming up like a bubble inside me but each time to a lesser degree. By the end of the meditation I felt I had totally released the uncomfortable feeling from my aura and my body and also felt strength,clarity and protection from my peaceful core energy.

        Thank you so much for your wonderful timely gift. I have saved it to my special folder with all the other rich resource material you have generously given with your Power of Practice program.

        In deep gratitude,

      13. h says:

        Hi Kevin
        Knowing it’s the complete package that requires care and maintenance is very important. Mind, Body and Soul require exercise and nourishment and I thank you for bring that to attention.
        Thank you so much for putting out the Meditation Downloads. It is a great exercise for those who have, in the past, been unsuccessful in Meditating. Up until now I have had difficulty quieting the mind to the point of where I can actually feel the benefits. I have not mediated much since the 80’s and recently I have not had much success until I listened to your Core Meditation.

        The Core Meditation Download you sent out was fabulous! I loved it and passed it on to as many people that I knew would benefit from your work. After the Core Meditation, I felt grounded, at peace and lifted to another level of understanding of my personal being. The Healing effects were Instantaneous and I rec’d comments from my friends on how much they enjoyed it.

        With the HF I felt the waves of light within me and I felt sprays of tingly sensations like tiny bubbles bursting. The light looked like tiny sparklers coming from the entire inside of my larger self. My smaller self was surrounded by this mist and wanted nothing but to flow upward with the energy. Whenever I tried to focus on other feelings in my body (in order to allow them to fade away), I felt attached and compelled to stay within the ‘walls’ of my larger self. That kept me focused.
        Because I didn’t totally make it out of my larger being, I cannot tell you what I experienced. Should I let myself go or should I try to control the direction in which I tend to float towards?

        When I did this Holistic Fitness Meditation, I didn’t get the ‘lift’ or sense of Peace like I did with the Core.
        During the HF I was aware of different feelings in my body and released them as instructed however I found it difficult to stay within my expanded being; Occasionally I found myself floating up and almost drifting out of expanded self.

        I think the struggle to stay within, kept me more present and aware. Perhaps we could be guided with a way to stay in that inner self. I am sure ‘anchoring’ would not be the best choice but that is the only word that I can think of.


      14. Hi to all,
        I am inspired by so many of your positive comments and by how you all are really “getting” this material and resonating with it.

        To “h” you’ve highlighted one of the differences between the Core Energy Meditation and the Inner Body Mindfulness Meditation. CEM works directly with your “energy body” while IBMM works directly with inner sensations of your “physical body.” Over time, you will find that these experiences integrate, so that you experience a fusion of body and energy. While these are not separate, you may be more accustomed to “being in” one aspect versus the other.

        Feeling your “inner body” is a way to bridge the physical with the energetic. One way to stay grounded in your inner body is to focus on the feeling of your feet on the ground (imagine that you have roots into the ground through the center of your feet), your legs, and your lower abdomen. Feel your inner presence within these areas. This will awaken your energetic senses within your body and keep you “rooted.”


      15. Salzie says:

        Wow, I gotta say h, that your experience inspired me to redouble my efforts at this! Since getting a phone call from my husband (was working out of town) that he’s divorcing me out of the blue/no clue this was on his mind..?! I have been just debilatated with it and have had a very hard time with meditating or doing much of ANY kind of fitness work, it’s like my mind is still shell-shocked after almost 20 years of marriage. So, thank you for posting this and motivating me to refocus my energies into both the meditation and the excercize I need to take care of myself during this time. Thank You Kevin for providing the tools and this site! Your questionaire rather woke me up to my state of depression and paralysis in the fitness arena and I fully expect things to turn around with the effort I chose to put into it… Thank You Both!

      16. Julie says:

        I loved it. It is so nice to get some freebies. Ever since I have been using your meditstion techniques I feel so much healthier and happier and far more productive. I sleep better too. I enjoy all the lovely warm and tinglingly feelings. Thanks again.

      17. Donna says:

        Janet and Jeannette,
        I have an iMac and the file downloads just fine. Make sure you have right-click configured your Mac mouse and then right-click over the words “Holistic Fitness Meditation Download” rather than “Play.” This should bring up the choice to “Save Target As/Save Link As.” Then click there and the file will start downloading. Hope this helps.

      18. Sonja says:

        Congratulations, as health care practitioner that specialises in an integrated approach to evolving vibrant wellbeing,,, I am delighted to see the great amount of work that you have put into this package,,,and your explanations of how one area of life affects another. I can see myself using this package as a resource reference for my clients… cheers Sonja

      19. tahmina says:

        Its simply GREAT!

      20. mukthi says:

        Nothing on the download for me either!

      21. Stacey says:

        WOW!! I love this universe!!! I just put it out there that I want to lose weight and I know that the law of attraction and the spirtual road it the way to go. I opened up my email and here is this wonderful new system. I know that this is going to be what I need to shake off all this extra “love” im carrying around. The meditation was wonderful. I am so glad that we are looking at this from a different point of view. Change yous thoughts, then take the inspired action. BRING IT ON!

      22. Tracy says:

        Hi Matt and Kevin,
        Thank you for putting these sample out here for us! As someone who has been trying to calm my mind/reorganize my body for the last few months (albeit inconsistently), I’m excited to explore the work you’ve done.

        Love the idea of the 4 platforms, helps to give me an integrated structure on which to build. Also like your suggestion on what to do with those ‘disruptive thoughts’. Before I’d just try to let them go, but I like the idea of labeling and visualizing them dissolving. Helps me see a pattern in what comes up. Also, the note-taking afterwords in a fantastic idea.

        Thank you for what you do! Looking forward to more.

      23. Farah says:

        The audio was really very helpful is providing with the peace of mind that I had been looking for. It helped me in being more focused in my work. Thank you very much for this. Hope to hear more from you ……..

      24. Geri says:

        I just listened to the free meditation audio and I found it to be very relaxing and peaceful. I enjoyed it and will use it again. Thank You for the opportunity!!

      25. Lynn A says:

        Kevin – Thank you so much for sharing this meditation. Years ago I studied mindfulness in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh, but moved away from the Sangha have not felt this kind of calm awareness within again until this meditation. At the end I had an insight that my restlessness is a form of avoidance. That restlessness has been a problem for me for years, so this insight is a step forward in my understanding of my own habits and how I get in my own way of progress. Perhaps with continued meditation I will be able to also see what I am avoiding and how to move into and through the fear.

        Thank you.

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