Free From Fear! Mini Meditation

    Wouldn’t you love to feel free from fear? We get afraid when we think that what we’re facing is bigger than the resources we have to handle it. Because of that, we feel more fear when we exaggerate the power of what we’re facing and underestimate our own resources. We also feel more fear when we think that what we’re afraid of happening is more likely to happen than it is.

    In the following mini meditation, I’ll guide you to face, and move through, a specific fear you have from a place inside you that is free from fear. I call it “Your Fearless Self.”

    After listening, please share with your family, friends, and co-workers through the social sharing links. I’d also love to hear the ways that work best for you in handling your fears in the Comments below. Thanks for sharing!


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      7 Responses to “Free From Fear! Mini Meditation”

      1. Dear Kevin,

        Thank you again for bringing light to me. Thank you for teaching you do.

        I’m grateful and thankful for having crossed your path.

        Peace, Love and Light,


      2. Excellent. I just shared it on facebook. Well done. Some years ago I made a Cosmic Healing video, it’s on u-tube. I would be honored if you would request the link to it.

        Namaste and thank yo for this inspiring meditation.

        1. Thanks for sharing!
          Yes, please send along the link to your Cosmic Healing video.
          I would love to see it.

      3. Katherine says:

        Thank you Kevin, I felt that connection.
        A wonderful meditation.

      4. TM Fitness says:

        Shared, let’s see if anyone is brave enough to try it ;).

      5. Cathy Martin says:

        Thank you Kevin. You seem to always hit the right spot & send what I need. I am blessed you came in my path

      6. Maria says:

        Thank you, Kevin, for reminding me!

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