How Your Focus Really Creates The World Around You

    Yes, it’s true …

    Your focus determines what shows up in your world … BUT … Is there more to our focus than the pretty pictures and positive chit-chat we work so hard to hold in mind?

    Sure there is …

    Just like an iceberg, I think most of our focus is going on below the surface at the unconscious level – through the FILTERS of our mind-body.

    Reality is infinitely complex, so we filter it down into manageable chunks with our values, our attitudes, our language and crucially …

    Our BELIEFS.

    A critical part of creating your life the way you want it is to clear any and all limiting beliefs. Amanda Goldston is the creator of a six-step process that does just that (and she’s this month’s featured guest at

    I recommend you take a look at her site and read about her technique for clearing limiting beliefs:

    I tried Amanda’s technique myself and it’s been working really well. The first time I tried it I fell so deeply asleep I couldn’t remember a thing but I woke up with the sense that a lot had shifted!

    Go see what I’m talking about right away. You’ll be amazed at the world you can construct, once you put those limiting beliefs behind you.

    Here’s the link again:

    Be happy,

    Matt Clarkson
    The Mind-Body Training Company

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