Final Reminder: Holistic Fitness Training

    OK, I’ll make this quick. I’m only sending this so people don’t
    get mad again because they missed it:

    We’re taking the page down in 48 hours… This is your last
    chance to get our new ‘Holistic Fitness Training’ program.

    Here’s a quick summary:

    If you want to raise your energetic vibration so you can attract
    more of what you truly desire in your life, then this is for you. Even
    if you ‘hate’ exercise (with a passion), this program is for you and
    here’s why …

    FACT: Your physical health directly affects your energetic
    vibration and therefore what you ‘attract’ into your life. Most doctors
    and scientists pretty much agree that exercise is crucial for health.

    But most people don’t really enjoy exercising!

    Well forget the “no pain no gain” approach to exercising (that turns
    many people right off). Our HFT program gets you moving in a
    way that feels great and supports your entire being… (Even if you’re
    89. One of Kevin’s clients, Frieda, is 89 and practices HFT from the
    comfort of her nursing home. If she can do it anyone can!)

    HFT covers the 4 types of exercise you need to support your entire
    being. And the great thing is that you customize your workouts to your
    current level of fitness and your personal goals.

    So here’s the deal:

    We’re looking for feedback on this program before we release it to
    the rest of the world. If you’d like to try it out for us, we’d love to
    send you a copy today. And you don’t even have to pay for it …
    unless you want to!  (We just ask for a little help on the S&H.)

    Get the full story and claim your copy of HFT here:

    To your Highest Possibilities!

    Matt Clarkson & Kevin Schoeninger
    The Mind-Body Training Company

    P.S. I’m not kidding when I say we’re taking the page down in 48 hours.
    It will be quite some time before we make this program available again
    so I encourage you to go for this now.


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