Feeling Stuck? What To Do When The Sh** Hits The Fan

    Today I want to share with you three very powerful strategies for moving through “stuckness” that most people don’t know.

    (AND… I want to let you know why we’re giving you a massive 75% discount (!) on one of our most powerful programs for moving through stuckness – for the first 50 people who respond).

    So what do I mean by “stuckness”?

    You know, it’s a story we’re ALL familiar with because we’re all cycling though patterns of stuckness all the time 🙂

    The exact details vary person to person, but the basic story is the same. You suddenly find yourself feeling stuck… and the worst part is you’re not even sure WHY.

    Of course, you’re no stranger to self-growth practice.  You do things like meditation, EFT, visualization and releasing.  You eat well. You look after yourself pretty well. And so, it’s only natural you find yourself asking…

    “Why is this stuckness happening and what do I need to do to fix it?”

    I know you know what I’m talking about!

    So here’s my advice…

    3 Powerful Strategies For Moving Through Stuckness

    1. Know that pushing and trying to figure out why you feel stuck only fuels the fire…. so it’s best to relax and wait it out rather than turn it into your new pet project 🙂 Many times, the “stuck pattern” just needs a little time to work itself up into awareness so it can be released, so give it time, and don’t make it worse than it needs to be by squirming.

    Simply “let it be” — maintain an allowing and present attitude to the best of your ability and know that “this too shall pass”.

    2. Of course your meditation skills of mindfulness (staying present with what is happening moment-by-moment) and equanimity (allowing and even loving all components of experience as they rise and fall) will help the stuckness pass through awareness more quickly and easily.

    3. And there’s another very powerful thing you can do to speed up the clearing process by 1000% or more (to be totally honest, I’m not sure we can scientifically measure the percentage improvement, but in my experience, THIS is one of the most powerful ways to speed up the clearing process in existence.) Here it is:

    Raise your heart-rate into the “cardio zone”.

    i.e. Get your a** moving!

    Getting your body moving breaks up the patterns of stuck energy LIKE NOTHING ELSE CAN so it can be released more easily.

    Listen: “The Physical” is the foundational dimension of your energetic vibration and your entire life.

    Getting your body moving is the fastest, most immediate thing you can do to accelerate the dissolving of stuck states. No question
    about it.

    After a period of intense physical activity, your body and your entire energetic system go into “recovery mode”. This dramatically increases the speed and depth with which you can move through the patterns of stuckness. Try it and let me know (and of course, make sure you are cleared for exercise by your doctor.)

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    For your inner freedom and peace of mind,

    Matt & Kevin
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    PS. I hope you enjoyed the 3 strategies I shared with you for moving through states of stuckness quickly and easily. Of course, (1) is the main secret to remember to ensure you’re not making your stuckness worse than it needs to be. Keep that it mind.

    PPS. Due to a stock goof up, we’re slashing a massive 75% off one of our most powerful programs for moving through feelings of stuckness. But it’s only for the first 50 people.

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    PPPS. Questions? We’re here to help

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