Essential Mental Skill #5

    Today, we wrap up this week’s series on essential mental skills. By developing the first four skills: staying focused, self-observation, detachment, and seeing cause and effect, you pave the way for the fifth skill—choosing wisely.

    Choosing wisely is the ability to choose options that are in the best interest of all concerned. The philosophy behind wise choice is that in each moment there are optimal actions. Optimal actions are those that are authentic for you and beneficial to yourself and the others involved. Learning to choose wisely means that you can discern the best options and take them. You see what is optimal and you choose it over other alternatives.

    This is in contrast to being confused about what is best or seeing it but choosing something else instead, especially if that something else is harmful to yourself and/or others.

    For example, you might choose to start your day by getting up early, meditating, exercising, and eating well because you understand that it is the best thing for you and for all those whom you will interact with. These actions give you relaxed energy, clarity, and enthusiasm for the day. Because of that, they are in everyone’s best interest. You know this routine is good and you choose to do it, rather than, for example, oversleeping, grabbing a doughnut, and rushing off to work.

    Like the other essential mental skills, choosing wisely is something that you can get better at. You can train your brain to do this. By listening to what your soul desires, staying focused on that, observing your thoughts, feelings, and actions, detaching from your preconceived judgments, and seeing cause and effect, you learn what works best for you and those around you and what doesn’t.

    When you choose what works best, even in the face of other temptations and urges, you’ve learned to choose wisely.

    Enjoy your practice,


    Kevin Schoeninger

    P.S. Meditation is a practice that develops all five essential mental skills. Learn a powerful meditation practice here: Energy Meditation Secrets

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