Essential Mental Skill #4

    Today we continue with our exploration of five essential mental skills. Essential skill #3, detachment, clears the way for #4—seeing cause and effect.

    Have you ever noticed that when you feel victimized in a situation, or powerless to create what you desire, you might find yourself saying: “How did this happen?” It seems as if life events are happening to you. Or you might say, “Things should be this way, not that way. Why is that happening?”

    One reason you may not be seeing cause and effect is that you are caught up in “your story” about life. If you are caught up in your habitual judgments and attachments, it can be difficult to see clearly “how things really are.” As you learn to detach from your habitual ways of interpreting life, you can more accurately perceive not only “how things are,” but also “why” they are that way. You start to see the chains of cause and effect.

    Seeing cause and effect is a skill you can practice. When you find yourself faced with frustration, or repeating the same old poor results in your life, ask yourself: “What made things this way?” Be as honest as you can. Include not only outside circumstances, but more importantly, how you are thinking, feeling, and acting that is shaping the events you are experiencing.

    As you start to see the chains of causes that are leading to the effect you are faced with, you gain a clearer idea of what it might take to create different results. More on that in Mental Skill #5—tomorrow.


    Kevin Schoeninger

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