Essential Mental Skill #2

    Yesterday, we began exploring the mental skills we need to fulfill our deeper purpose and realize our soul’s desires. The first skill we identified was “staying focused,” being persistent in the pursuit of our goals. What differentiates those who succeed from those who don’t is that they don’t give up on what they are here to do.

    The second skill is self-observation—the ability to step back and witness your own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

    No matter what you want to do in this life, to do it well, you need to become aware of how you are thinking, feeling, and acting. You need to be able to see what you are doing that moves you forward and what you are doing that holds you back. This practice is elusively simple, yet challenging.

    To begin, take note of what your mind tells you when you go to pursue your goals and dreams. What words float through your head? What thoughts come up when you run into obstacles? What does your mind tell you about yourself and the world? What does your mind tell you about what is real and possible? Is your mind a cheerleader or an inquisitor?

    Second, how do these thoughts make you feel?

    Third, what do these thoughts and feelings prompt you to do?

    In tomorrow’s post, we’ll talk about what to do with what you discover—especially if you don’t like what you find. There’s one simple skill that will help you move through those things that hold you back.


    Kevin Schoeninger

    P.S. Meditation is a powerful practice to develop your self-observation skills. Learn more here: “Secrets of Meditation

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