Energy Boosting Tip #2: Food and Mood

    Though it’s self-evident that we eat in order to give us the energy and nutrients we need to live, there are many reasons why we eat what we eat.

    It’s become well-known that much of our food choice is perceptually and emotionally based—we eat to deal with stress, to comfort ourselves, and to reward ourselves. We eat certain foods because we grew up eating them, or we see them advertised and associate them with good times or a certain lifestyle.

    The funny thing is that many of these perceptions and feelings around food lead us to eat things that make us feel worse, get sick, and lose our energy.

    In this post, I want to encourage you to monitor what you eat and how you feel after—your energy and mood up to an hour or more after you eat. Then I want you to think in terms of three things: maximize, minimize, and individualize.

    As you begin to monitor your food and mood, you’ll discover that some things sound good to you, but will actually lead you to feel lethargic and irritable afterward. You’ll want to minimize your consumption of these things. Other things will give you a clean, light, consistent energy afterward. You’ll want to maximize these.

    The third thing you’ll notice is that food effects are individual to you. Everyone’s metabolism is slightly different. What works for Oprah might not work for you. Also, certain foods work best at certain times, while other foods work best at other times.

    Given individuality, there are some guidelines that apply to many of us. Consider maximizing eating a variety of foods as close to their natural state as possible. Lean proteins and vegetables work well for many people. Consider minimizing refined sugar and fried foods. These tend to produce inflammation and impair immune response and long-term energy.

    The bottom line is to tune into how food affects your mood and energy. When you maximize the foods that give you clean, clear energy and minimize those that bring you down you’ll be on your way to better health, long-term energy, and feeling good.

    In tomorrow’s post, we’ll talk about the perfect complement to the best foods for you.

    Talk to you soon,

    Kevin Schoeninger

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