Energy Booster #9: The “Most Important” Tip

    Today we wrap up our series of energy-boosting tips and I’ve saved the most important one for last. The question that uncovers this energy-boosting secret is: What is most important to you?

    This question may be related to what you want, what you need to do, what you “have to” do today, or tasks on your “To Do List.” However, it is qualitatively different.

    It’s so easy for us to get busy with all the things on our lists and get to the end of the day just feeling exhausted by it all. There’s one important action that can change all that.

    Make sure that today you do what is most important to you. Who or what do you value most? What do you want to grow in this world? What is your strongest belief? Make sure that you take some time today to participate in “that.” Give that some energy, time, and attention.

    It doesn’t have to take all day, but don’t leave it until after you get everything else done. Make it your first and top-most priority. Then, let your other tasks fall in around that.

    If you make it a habit to do what is most important to you at least a little every day, you’ll arrive at day’s end with a feeling of satisfaction, fulfillment, and deeper purpose. You’ll have done your part to make this world a better place. Your day will have been much more than just checking off tasks on your list.

    When you do what is most important to you we all win!


    Kevin Schoeninger

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