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      21 Responses to “Download This FREE Sample Of Our New Holistic Fitness Training Program”

      1. Joe says:

        Never got my results from the assessment?

      2. Lyndsey says:

        The course looks amazing. Can’t wait!!!!

      3. Julie says:

        Hey Matt…. Where do I get your new program?


      4. Arlene says:

        while it is an exciting time to be alive, it can also be stressful, and not just for adults, but for children and teens as well. In the age of technology, we never seem to disconnect and enjoy as much down time and video games etc. cut down on activity. I believe this program will help both the mind and the body get back to the way we are supposed to be. We need to start people on a program like this at an early age, not wait until they are in their 30’s, over weight, over tired, over stressed, and suffering physically.

        You can often fool your mind into thinking things are okay, but it is extremely hard to fool your body. It lets you know when it needs taking care of.

      5. Nancy says:

        Thank you so much Matt for making this available to those of us who really need it in our lives. Your dedication to helping others improve the quality of their lives is appreciated and the same recording will add value to every day life. Once again, a heartfelt thanks for your generous offering!

      6. Anne says:

        In this fast paced society it is so difficult to even take 15 minutes for yourself. When you really stop to think about how little time it takes to improve your health and improve your life, why aren’t people doing it. I know I’m not and I can come up with many reasons (excuses) why not including being a new mother, but being healthy in all areas of your life is so important and the time taken to do this is not selfish, but will help you give back in other areas of your life. I really need a comprehensive program like this to keep me on track and accountable to my overall health in all areas of my life.

      7. Thanks to all for your comments above.

        To Arlene, I wholeheartedly agree with you on the benefit of starting this type of training at a young age. That said, anyone at any age can benefit from starting today. Thanks for your positive feedback.

        To Joe, your results should arrive via email. If not, you might try the survey again. Sorry for any inconvenience.


      8. Hi Anne,
        Thank you for sharing your experience. You’ve identified a common challenge for many people–taking the time for self-care. You’ve also identified the key insight that taking this time enables you to be at your best not only for yourself, but also for others and for everything else that you do. It gives you the strength, energy, confidence, and peace of mind to live well.

        I encourage you to begin with even just 10 minutes a day of one of the four components of Holistic Fitness–cardio-vascular, strength, flexibility, and inner-body training. You could rotate between them as works best for you. Even 10 minutes a day will start to build your well-being, which will be good for you and everyone in your life.


      9. Marian Sumner says:

        I am struck by the universality of your program. Being a retired middle school principal, I agree with Arlene that the young need this program, particularly the meditation. I am also overwhelmingly and personally aware that the old need this program. Recently retired, I am struggling with my body, my time, and my purpose or contribution. I realize that my personal”program” is unbalanced; I need to add meditation and strength training. The main obstacle, I believe, is lack of “know how”. Schools do not know how to include the holistic approach and neither do I personally. Your program, I believe, will provide this “know how”.

      10. Christine F says:

        “EXERCISE” has been a 4-letter word in my life, lol. I am a month away from 47, 70 pounds overweight, and have been a couch potato or sedentary most of my life.

        I refuse to pay more money to support gyms that I don’t go to 🙂 My rule to myself is I have to have a routine in place before I ever consider joining a gym again.

        Meditation has also interested me but I admit I have stayed on the outer fringes and maybe dabbled at most before.

        Well, right before coming to this website to download the free sampling, I did a group meditation (part of a 40day program I joined). My take-away from that was “This is the day I go all the way. Today is my day” Whoohoo!!!

        I should say that I was heavier, lost some weight, and then went on a family vacation where I had to walk every day (was in UK traveling). At first I thought I was going to die but it got easier and easier and I felt SO MUCH BETTER!Losing weight also helped my knees tremendously. I used to have to take steps one at a time and favor my bad knee (arthritis). Well I can do steps normally now 🙂

        My intention is not to bore everyone but to speak to the folks that don’t exercise or are seriously overweight. Also if you are a perfectionist or an “all or nothing” type person like me, the thought of doing a program that has meditation, aerobic, strength, AND flexibility stuff to do.. omg… too overwhelming lol. Well Kevin said above, start with just 10 MINUTES A DAY and just pick one of them and then rotate. THAT IS DO-ABLE (even for an older overweight gal like myself that hates to exercise lol)!!

      11. Claudia Ivanjack says:

        The voice put me to sleep. That is the same voice and modulation as in the meditation. Most people who get to this page know most if not all of what was on the preview and the slowness of the presentation is irritating. I have to ask, what is the purpose of the slow, low, metered, slow modulated voice? I think I listened for about 20 minutes and heard nothing of interest. Speed that first part up with a voice that sounds like it has some energy and get to the goods of the program. This first part makes me think you don’t have a lot to say and are making it long with filler junk. I would not go further if it is like this. I hope you accept this a constructive.

      12. Sherry says:

        After listening to the sample audio, I’m certain that you were talking specifically about me as you were describing the conditions common today. Trying to juggle the responsibilities of being a working mom, while still caring for the health and spiritual wellness of my family and myself, leaves me burning the candle at both ends. At the ripe age of nearly 33, I’ve already started noticing many of the stress-related symptoms you list. “I used to feel” strong, energetic, and unstoppable. But after years of riding a rollercoaster of beating my body into submission followed by falling off the fitness wagon completely, I’m convinced that I need a new, balanced approach to cultivate fitness and vitality. Frighteningly, I’ve recently found myself feeling “old,” and wondering if my best years are behind me. Clearly, it’s time to change my approach to one that will cultivate youth and vitality, and set a good example for my three children.

        Looking back, it’s easy to see how the pendulum has swung from an extreme approach to exercise and diet, to much-needed recovery periods of rest. In the past, whenever I start the latest exercise fad, my all-or-nothing mentality kicks in, carrying me forward. I begin to feel energized and see physical results, but eventually lose my motivation to feelings of burn-out and exhaustion. The pendulum then swings to the other extreme and I spend my “free” time and energy trying to recuperate in relaxation and mediation. Unfortunately, neither end of the cycle ever leaves me feeling fully balanced, rejuvenated, or revitalized.

        Recently, I overheard my son say, “Mom doesn’t work out anymore.” I immediately experienced a combination of emotions, ranging from shock and a bit of defensiveness, thinking, “I’ve been working out for YEARS,” to deflation when I realized HE’S RIGHT – I’m currently in the recovery phase of the cycle. Interestingly, his words were the catalyst that moved the pendulum in the other direction once again.

        But each time it swings, it’s becoming more difficult to invest myself fully in the extreme exercise cycle. Even though I believe that I could do just about anything for 30 days (or 2 months or 12 weeks, depending on the program), part of me knows that I can’t keep up a 6-day-per-week INTENSIVE exercise program long-term. Furthermore, whatever results I’ve realized are typically lost during the recovery phase, bringing to mind the saying, “two steps forward, and three steps back.” I have to admit, part of me wonders if I would have been better if I never started exercising in the first place.

        Yet, I KNOW the benefits of exercise are expansive. I also know that the time invested in self-care will pay off tenfold with regard to my ability to be fully present in my life, and thusly, contribute value to my family, community, and global society. As they say in the airplane safety instructions, you must put your own oxygen mask on first, before helping others. Obviously, I HAVE TO end this cycle, the damage it’s causing to my health, and the poor example it is setting.

        Now is clearly the time to utilize the Holistic Fitness approach, which cultivates and incorporates the best aspects of both ends of the pendulum into a balanced, pleasurable, sustainable approach to fitness that nourishes mind, body, and spirit. It seems nothing short of synchronous that I have found your program at precisely the right time in my life. I would be honored to utilize it to break this cycle for good!

      13. Debra says:

        Stress is common today even children can be heard saying they are feeling stressed. We all need to learn how to decompress physically and mentally. Exercise is my format to decompress and in a spin class i can zone out too. I recently started meditating in Yoga and at home in the early morning or in the evening; AM meditation is proving to be more beneficial as it sets up my day with a positive spin and i like it! I look forward to being your guinea and testing out the programs affect upon me following a cario work out tonight.

      14. Larissa says:

        I loved this meditaion. What a rare and wonderful contribution to the field of health and fitness! When one usually thinks of the fitness industry, it is almost always only within the context of diet, weightloss, muscle building, and physcal exercise. The importance inner self care is either over-looked or glossed over in favor of an emphasis on the physical activity: physical cardio/strength training, counting calories or eating/refraining from eating healthy/unhealthy foods. I believe that the concept of “inner body training” is truly unique and absolutely relavent in light of our society’s shocking statistics of obesity and disease.
        There is are countless exercise/fitness/wellness programs in the market today, so we are certainly not lacking in the how-to information of what actions we need to take to develop healthy bodies. Why is it not clear to all of us that the physical activities really are NOT the solution to our epidemic of dis-ease! The activities or the things we do to and for our bodies are only EXPRESSIONS of what we have built or are building within ourselves.
        Until we start living from the “inside-out” as opposed to “outside-in” living (as described by Jaimie Smart), we will not likely see any results. The inner space that this meditation involves is absolutely crucial, and is the place where true health and fitness begin. Our health (or wealth or beauty or wellbeing) is created from the inside. Therefore, one’s body is not health itself, but simply a TOOL, that we have and use to experience who we are, in the same way that money is not wealth, but a tool of wealth, and the temple is not spirituality, but rather a helpful place to discover one’s spitituality. As much as we love and care for our body, it is not who we really are, but through it, we can uncover the health and wellbeing that is truly our birthright.
        I honestly believe that the concept of “wholistic fitness training” which seems to be the foundation of your program is the illusive missing link in the path to true bodily health and wellness.
        A big heartfelt thank you for this guided meditation. I honestly did not expect to get so much out of it! So appreciative….

      15. Eric Redford says:

        I’m 61 next month and have always maintained that for overall ‘fitness’ you need to have the 3 ‘s’. Strength, suppleness and stamina. Adding meditation to the big picture rounds it off. You could perhaps add the 4th ‘s’.. stillness. I’m aiming to get to 100+, so want to be ‘pushed’ gently into the next 39 years with your programme. I’ll be happy to be one of your guinea pigs (funny that expression isn’t it?).

      16. Made says:

        Until now I practice Yoga.
        I’m 78.
        I want to be a centenarian if possible.
        May be your methods can help me to attain my wish.
        Thank you

      17. Melissa M says:

        This is the best thing that has come into my life in a very long time. Exercise has been a huge part of my life this year and even though I do feel and look better I have this small nagging feeling that something was missing. I took the quiz and tada there was the answer, I was only working on certain factors but after the quiz and listening to the free downloads its all making since. I have a 16 year old son who is very athletic I had him sit down and listen to the downloads and he really enjoyed them which I was shocked that a 16 year old boy enjoyed and came away with something that was recommended by his mom. I do want to say again this is the best thing that has come into my life in a long time and I look forward to receiving your emails!! Cant wait till the full program comes out!!!

      18. Anne (UK) says:

        Almost 9 years ago I considered myself as being active in that I had a busy job,a family to look after and a very ill friend so any ‘me’ time tended to be sedentary ie reading, Tv, sewing etc because I was always so tired/stressed by the time some ‘me’ time came around.

        Then in early 2002 I developed Multiple Sclerosis -which explained the chronic fatigue I had experienced- and boy was THAT a wake up call. The phrase of ‘use it or lose’ it referred to in the sample audio became uncomfortably real for me because the uncertainty of what I might lose, and when, suddenly wasnt ‘when I get older’ but could be ‘tomorrow when I get out of bed’. Eventually I decided to fight back and in the last 4 years I have completed six power walk marathons (26.2 miles) 2 of these have been in Edinburgh which requires a climb up quite a decent sized hill called Arthur’s seat! I also spent 4 weeks walking from Edinburgh to London(422miles)

        But it doesn’t get any easier to get myself out of the house to train, to stop taking on too much or take more time out just for me. Recently I was convinced that whilst my health is ‘better than could be hoped for at this stage’ the stress of my job was putting that in jeapody so I am currently taking a career break. I had come to see more and more that I must have a much more encompassing/holistic view and know that is going to require more than just a good walking-training schedule.

        The approach outlined here is nothing short of a breath of fresh air. I see and hear info about each of the elements brought together here -but never more than 2 together. I KNOW that exercise is imperative for me but so also is finding the calm inside -both of which are important for improving the status of my immune system, which attacks my own body during periods of relapse. One of the regular symptoms is depression and trying to motivate yourself to do anything -let alone to exercise – can be unbearably difficult. Meditation- if I can bring myself to start- has no end of benefits in this area.

        So a programme that looks at all elements AND can be customised to each persons’ needs sounds amazing. I acknowledge that there are days that I simply just can’t be Super Woman! I have Multiple Sclerosis but you would never know it to see me and I want to embrace anything within my means that will ensure that MS will NOT have me. I want to be power walking marathons in another 10 years!

        I hope I will be in a position to find out if the Holistic Training Programme can help me to succeed in that.

      19. David says:

        Thank you Matt and Kevin,

        I wholeheartedly agree with your holistic approach to fitness. Wellness is a multidimensional problem (and opportunity!)

        It occurs to me that the four elements of holistic fitness could be expanded to include training/improving the functioning of the brain (or at least mention that this is important and can be addressed elsewhere.) “Use it or lose it” pertains to all facets of our being.

        I also believe that the reason many people don’t sustain their self-care programs goes well beyond not knowing how. People generally take the easy path, and fitness isn’t hard. In fact, it’s relatively simple; it’s just hard to keep doing it. Many of us have resistance to the imposition of more tasks. It takes deliberate effort to incorporate these practices into a daily habit. There are no shortcuts.

        Keep up the good work!

      20. Kay says:

        I just wanted to express my thanks to you. Your program has come just at the right time for me. I have been trying to get pregnant for nearly two years and my partner and I have been told that we have ‘unexplained infertility’, despite all the tests coming back fine. I know what the problem is – although the doctors don’t seem to recognise this. I have experienced high levels of stress over the last five years, going through divorce and coping with the death of my brother. I have found myself lurching in and out of depression, particularly recently with the added stresses of infertility and a demanding career. I have been on a downward spiral over the last two years, feeling useless and hopeless. In the last few months I have started to realise that I need to take control of my life again and stop thinking of myself as a victim. I know that my physical health is very important for my well-being and strength and yet until now it has been so difficult to motivate myself to go out there and exercise. I have been searching for inner strength – I know it is there. Your program has helped me to tap into that strength again. I heard the buddhist proverb – ‘when the student is ready, the teacher will appear’and I believe that I am ready to change my life and reach for my goals from a position of strength, and that your program and support has come when most needed in my life. I am looking forward to getting the full program.

      21. Marjorie McCurtain says:

        I am 68 years old. I truly believe that 60 is the new 40. I just returned from my 50th High School Reunion in the Mid West. It was a surprise for me to see people that had given up on staying in shape. This looks like a great program for people that want to see their Grandchildren grow up. I am lucky to know and work with Kevin. Believe me when I say, Kevin lives what he teaches. I am signing on and sending on to others. Marjorie McCurtain

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