Does Your Mind Mirror Your PC?

    What if your mind was like your personal computer? If so, you could learn about your mind by observing how you use your PC. In this week’s posts, we’re going to use computers and the internet as a metaphor for how we relate to our minds. You may be surprised at what you find out about yourself.

    Let’s begin with your PC, be it a laptop, net-book, or desktop version. I am going to ask you to ask yourself some questions about your PC usage. See if these give you insight into how you work with your mind. As you ask yourself these questions, see if you can maintain a neutral point of view. Exercise curious attention rather than critically judging yourself by your answers.

    First off, what type of computer do you own? Does it have a lot of power to run all kinds of software or does it have whatever came with it for a few essential tasks? How does this correlate with how you use your mind? Do you view your mind as a powerful system that can accomplish all sorts of creative possibilities or does your mind simply enable you to do basic tasks that you need to do in life more efficiently?

    Keep in mind that there are an infinite variety of answers to these questions and none are good or bad. The important thing is to gain insight into yourself.

    Second, do you know how to run your computer, at least as far as the tasks that you want to do with it? This doesn’t mean to ask if you are a computer genius, simply if you know how to do what you want to do with your PC. How does this relate to how well you understand your mind and what you want to do with it?

    Third, how is your desktop organized? Is it setup the way that it came out of the box? Have you put a background image on your desktop that expresses “who you are” and/or inspires you? Have you set up a folder system to access what is most important to you? Do you generally keep many programs and files open at once or do you access and close things down one at a time? How do your answers relate to how you use your mind?

    The rest of this week, we’ll explore how you can master elements of your PC, internet, and email usage to master your mind and your life. Play with this metaphor and see what you discover about yourself.

    Have fun with the questions,

    Kevin Schoeninger

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