(DO THIS) When You Feel Stuck

    Think about this … Have you ever felt a bit stuck
    in some area of your life?

    Like for example, maybe your meditation skills don’t
    seem to be improving?  Maybe you still find yourself
    getting stressed out in certain situations?

    Maybe your income isn’t increasing as you’d like?

    Whatever it is, sometimes it seems like there’s this
    invisible barrier that’s blocking you from that next level?

    What The Heck Is Going On Here?

    When I look at my own life experiences, I know exactly
    what you mean and here’s my take on it.

    We become what we practice. 

    It’s as simple as that.

    What you’ll do today is about 99% habits that have become
    deeply engrained.

    Everything from how you get out of bed in the morning,
    the types of food you eat for breakfast, your ability to
    concentrate and let go while meditating, the kinds of
    conversations you have with friends, how you think about
    your relationships, health and finances, and the actions
    you take or don’t take…

    … All of that is about 99% practiced habit.

    Now here’s why we feel stuck sometimes.

    Will-power is highly overrated. 

    Our capacity to changes ourselves and our results through
    will-power is actually extremely limited.


    Because again, the force of our existing practiced habits
    creates most of our behaviour.  Trying to change all of that
    in a single day can feel like trying to swim through an
    over-powering tsunami.

    Of course, if you only want to change something small in your
    life, that can often be done fairly easily.

    But when you’ve practiced one thing for your entire life,
    and suddenly you decide you want something different, making
    the change can often be tough at first.

    In these situations, I find the answer is to re-define what
    it means to be successful.  If “success” means you MUST do it
    perfectly first the time or feel bad about yourself, then
    that’s not going to be very helpful!

    With the more challenging issues, it’s important to look
    at the whole journey and not just the small steps forward
    and backward.

    You need to re-define success like this…

    You’re successful if you take one or two small actions that
    day.  Once you’ve been practicing that for a few weeks and
    you’ve got them engrained, it might be time to raise the bar
    a little and add in another tweak to your daily practice. 

    In other words…

    You grow your mind-body practice incrementally.

    That’s how you build real momentum.

    Soon you’re making bursts of improvement in leaps and bounds.
    But at first you might not see much happening on the surface.

    Transforming yourself and your results is often like a ship
    docked in the harbour.  There are many bonds that tie the
    ship to the dock.  When you untie one of those ropes, nothing
    appears to happen. 

    The ship does not move.

    Then you untie another… and another and another.  The
    boat might rock or move slightly but ultimately stays where
    it is.  Then you untie the final rope and the ship suddenly
    is propelled forward.

    Once you can see it’s working, your job is to keep doing what
    you’re doing and make small adjustments as you go.

    But when you’re getting started and nothing seems to be
    happening, it’s critical that you continue with the small
    steps.  You have to re-bound quickly from any discouragement
    and KEEP DOING the small things.

    One of the best tools I’ve found to support this process is
    hypnosis (I’m a qualified Master NLP and Hypnosis practitioner)

    Hypnosis is great because it’s pure positive focus.

    You by-pass the weight of your existing programming and
    reinforce your new intentions.  Of course you still need to
    practice in order to get long-term change, but hypnosis is
    a great tool to support you in the early stages.

    My friend Jim Katsoulis has a fantastic program to teach you
    these techniques.  It’s called Dream Setting and I highly
    recommend you check it out.




    Matt Clarkson
    The Mind-Body Training Company


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