Do NOT Buy “7 Secrets To Happiness”

    I’m getting BOMBARDED with email about Natalie from
    MindMovies and her new program 7 Secrets To Happiness

    And I just wanted to warn you …

    There’s a lot of big names promoting the program. Last
    I heard, over 90’000 people registered to see Natalie’s
    videos and information. I know it’s easy to get carried
    away with all the hype so PLEASE …

    Listen to me …

    Don’t buy "7 Secrets To Happiness" because of all the
    hype… Or because "everybody ELSE is doing it".

    If you’re going to buy it, do it for the RIGHT reason.
    And here’s the right reason …

    Is there some goal or intention you’ve been struggling
    with? Is there some aspect of your life you desperately
    want to improve? (Maybe you even secretly feel a little
    annoyed or frustrated at times by your lack of success
    in that area?)

    If so, I know exactly what you’re talking about …

    I’ve been there and I know Natalie has too.

    Natalie has enjoyed some amazing success with the
    spectacular launch of "Mind Movies". And yet despite all
    of that, she felt there was still something missing.

    Natalie talks openly about this and her battle with
    excess weight in this video here:

    Natalie’s challenges were business and weight issues – but
    these principles work for anything YOU want to achieve::

    Whether you want to break a bad habit, make a bigger
    income, move into a nicer home, or anything else… this
    course will give you the principles and the practices to
    make that happen.

    As you know, Kevin and I are all about Mind-Body PRACTICE
    and this program delivers by helping you create the right
    habits … the habits you need to have the happiness AND
    the success you desire.

    I’ve been through the "7 Secrets To Happiness" course and
    it’s excellent. All you have to do is follow the simple
    but powerful steps Natalie lines out for you — and you can
    expect to feel the difference very quickly. It’s all
    explained here:

    So, don’t buy this course because of all the hype.

    And don’t get it for the $1200 worth of bonuses they’re
    throwing in for a limited time.

    And most important, don’t get this course because you’re
    looking for a "magic bullet" to crack that "one final

    Get it because you understand and believe in The Power Of
    Practice to make lasting and holistic change in your life.

    And only then, if you deeply feel it’s the right choice
    for you, go ahead and order it. Here’s the link again:

    All the best,

    Matt Clarkson
    The Mind-Body Training Company

    P.S. You may recognize Natalie Ledwell as part of the Mind
    Movies team. Those are the movies you create to power up
    your manifesting abilities. They’re great fun too! I just
    happen to know Natalie is going to GIVE you access to the
    Mind Movies program as part of her launch special. But again,
    don’t get the course for that. Get it for the right reasons!


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