Discovering a Deeper Reserve of Energy and Calm

    At the end of last week, I was tapped out. I felt like I’d given everything I had, yet still had more to do. Though the weekend was coming, that too was filled with a nice-sized TO DO List. So, approaching the Qigong Meditation class that I teach every Friday afternoon felt a bit daunting. How would I summon up the energy to give a good class? What I didn’t know was that I would discover the answer in that very class.

    Fortunately, I’ve taught this class for years, so I trust the practice and my ability to lead it. Usually, I begin with a little talk on some pertinent insight related to what we are about to do. However, this day, as I contemplated what to say, the words in my head were: “I got nothing.”

    O.K. I’d really have to trust the practice today. I decided to dispense with the intro talk and just dive into it. I would let go, be present with what we were doing, and feel it “live” in the moment. I would “get out of the way,” which would be easy because I had no energy to be “in the way” or “take control” of how the class would go.

    As I let go of trying at all, and just sunk into feeling the inner cues that begin our practice, I felt a “deep resonance” in my voice that I didn’t expect. Honestly, I felt a little relieved to find that quality there without any effort of “trying” on my part. I followed that feeling and continued through the form, keeping my internal focus on being present, feeling what was happening, and allowing that to come through my voice.

    As we went along, I could feel the energy in the room getting very quiet and deeply relaxed. I found myself naturally expressing what was going on using some words I hadn’t used in that class before such as “Feel yourself as a simple presence with nothing else attached.”

    At the end of class, we go around the room and I invite our class members to describe, “How did that feel today?” There was a general consensus that the room felt “very quiet” today, as if we had left the world and gone to a peaceful oasis. While I am well familiar with that feeling and relax into it as a daily practice, it was particularly deep and stayed with me particularly strongly the rest of that day—and I still feel it on this Monday.

    So, that is my message for you today. In whatever you are doing, see if there might be something in this for you:

    Let go of trying too hard.

    Relax, trust, and let things come to you.

    Be present with what is happening—

    and be open to a deeper energy and calm

    moving through you and leading the way.”

    Enjoy your practice,


    Kevin Schoeninger

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