Discover Your Confident Self! Mini Meditation

    All of us have situations in our lives that challenge our confidence. Whether it’s giving a presentation at work, speaking honestly in a relationship, or going all-out for your goals, lack of self-confidence makes you shrink into far less than your true potential.

    Fortunately, research shows that mentally rehearsing confident thoughts, feelings, and behaviors grows the mental-emotional circuits associated with confidence. This primes you to be confident in real life situations. Meditation is a great way to practice mental rehearsal.

    You can use the following mini meditation before entering any situation that would usually challenge you or make you anxious or afraid. You can also use this meditation to grow a reliable baseline experience of complete confidence. We’ll practice increasing your confidence in three steps:

    1. Shift into a relaxed, positive state.

    2. Listen for inner guidance related to a low-confidence situation.

    3. Mentally rehearse positive, confident thoughts, images, feelings, and actions related to a situation which normally challenges your confidence.

    To prepare for this meditation, I’d like you to choose one low-confidence situation that you would like to shift. Call to mind the environment in which your confidence is challenged, any people involved, and how you normally feel at that moment.

    Next, recall a time when you had high confidence. This can be any time that you’ve felt positive, happy, or empowered. Call to mind the environment, any people involved, and how you felt at that time.

    If remembering a high-confidence moment is challenging for you, no worries. We’ll begin the meditation by generating relaxed, positive, empowered feelings in your body.

    After you listen, please share with your family, friends, and co-workers through the social sharing links. I’d also love to hear your Comments below.


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      13 Responses to “Discover Your Confident Self! Mini Meditation”

      1. shabnam says:

        very nice meditation.Thank so much for providing it for free.
        It gives me peace and confidence to manifest anything

      2. Maria Cristina says:

        I really like this meditation and gave me an insight “What is important to me? New challenge, I say yes, and followed all steps of meditation and imagined being in a situation which I wanted to be, developing a new activity in my life. In full details in my mind and developing of confidence. Thank you Kevin for posting this wonderful meditation for all of us!

      3. philomena says:

        thanks a million for giving this free and also the steps. have listened to the meditation music. will try the steps mentioned and get back to u with feedback. I do feel confident thos just listening

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      5. Catherine says:

        Very relaxing meditation. Thank you. I am starting a new publication and do have issues with self confidence in sales situations. This meditation helped put me in a possible sales scenario, with the help from the Spirit from within, and guided me to a successful outcome of various sales meetings. Again, thank you.

      6. tony says:

        thank you. Yes, appreciate this meditation. I used it to start my day today. a great way to begin and to welcome the day given to me.

      7. Thanks for the positive feedback on this meditation.

        I appreciate hearing from you!

      8. Kelly McDonough says:

        This inner confidence meditation has taken my inner strength and confidence in myself to another level. I feel totally connected to source and when connected I know that nothing can hurt me. Nothing at all. I am free and confident with who I am. Thank you Kevin

      9. annette says:

        Thank you Kevin, what a nice meditation!!

      10. janetj says:

        This meditation is extremely reassuring. It fortifies me and gives me the strength to know that I could stand strong with and among the great ones.

      11. lakshmi raghava says:

        very nice…this helps me

      12. Janet says:

        Feeling clam and relaxed. Thank you. I will keep this practice at the forefront of my mind when put in a situation where I tend to feel a little uneasy and not so confident for whatever reason. This has helped me release my tension, thank you much Kevin!

      13. Kelly McDonough says:

        I want to thank you for putting up the discover your confidence meditation. It helped me pass my Certificate IV and I am now a qualified Personal Trainer.

        1. Excellent Kelly! Thanks for letting me know this was helpful to you.

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