“Download Your FREE Sample Chapters Of This Fascinating Book Explaining The Mysteries Of Life, The Universe & The Destiny Of Mankind”

    Step 1. Directions To Download The E-Book

    You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the e-book PDF files. If you don’t have Adobe Acrobat Reader left click here to get it / upgrade FREE. Get Acrobat Reader FREE. Note – clicking this link will open a NEW page in your browser so you don’t lose this download page.

    “RIGHT” Mouse CLICK the link here that says Our Ultimate Reality.

    In Internet Explorer Choose “Save Target As…” and download the file to your desktop (in Netscape you choose “Save Link As..”).

    You only need to download one copy of the file!

    Step 2. Get The Full E-Book

    This is one of the most comprehensive books I’ve seen on the subject of life, the Universe and everything spiritual. I haven’t had chance to read everything yet (it is 686 pages), but what I have read I have found utterly fascinating.

    The author claims, you’ll learn secrets of the afterlife, the truth behind psychic phenomena, how to heal any disease, the secrets of astral projection and too many other related topics to mention.

    For full details on this fascinating book, please click here (opens new window). Once on the site, scroll down the page to read more about “Our Ultimate Reality” since you already have the free chapters.

    Be happy,

    Matt Clarkson
    The Mind-Body Training Company

      7 Responses to ““Download Your FREE Sample Chapters Of This Fascinating Book Explaining The Mysteries Of Life, The Universe & The Destiny Of Mankind””

      1. marwa says:

        Hi Matt,

        I would like to thank you for giving people the opportunity to read Adrian’s book ” Our Ultimate Reality” . I have downloaded the free chapters a couple of months ago. However, this book has to be read carefully using your all senses since there are things in the book that, may be in my case, are abit difficult to understand from the first time. I really enjoy such as these books, although the society I am surrounded by might or might not comprehend such things. Anyway, thanks again for all the beneficial, useful material you sent to me.

      2. Vicky LaPorte says:

        Thank you very much for letting people read this Book for FREE. You are one of a kind. Bless you for giving to others. Always Grateful, Vicky

      3. Choua says:

        Thank you so much Matt for allowing me to download this wonderful book. I am been so deeply attracting materials on the laws since I read the Secret. You have been great in sending me all kinds of wonderful materials. Thank you again and I will be ordering this Our Ultimate Reality book.


      4. widom says:

        thanks for the mind traiing materails

      5. andra says:

        I have already bought it

      6. Stephen says:

        Let me read and try it first. Thanks.

      7. Ernie says:

        I already have Adrian Coopers Our Ultimate Reality book

        It was a good book, good as a reference.

        Even if I memorized the book, it does not teach me how to have abundant energy, how to manifest etc.

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