Could This One Thing Make All The Difference?

    If you’re like most of us, you’re probably not looking for one more thing to add to your “To Do List.” Most of us have pretty full plates. However, what if one thing could make a huge positive difference to everything else that you’re doing?

    For example, what if working on your writing, art, or gardening a little each day, gave you renewed enthusiasm for life? What if exercising gave you energy for all your other tasks? What if meditating released tension and gave you inner peace and positive feeling that carried over into all your relationships? What if starting the day with prayer helped you feel connected to God all day long.

    What is that one thing that you know you’d like to do, but haven’t made time for? Is there one thing you’ve always wanted to learn? Maybe you’ve dabbled a bit at something, but you’d go to a whole new level if you gave it some attention every day.

    I think you’ll be amazed at how doing even a little of that one thing will have a powerful, positive, ripple effect through your whole life. You may find that life lights up in the way you’ve always wanted. You may find that is the key to living your deeper purpose and sharing what you have to offer in the world.

    Take a moment to ask yourself “What is the one thing that would make a real difference in my life?”


    Kevin Schoeninger

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