Checkpoint 2012: What Does It All Mean?

    At the beginning of this year, I posted my thought that 2012 would be a year in which the meaning of everything was amplified. Because of that, I proposed that it’s crucial for each of us to get clear on what is most important to us, so we can bring authentic meaning to what we are doing. In this post, we’ll explore how different types of meaning give you different types of happiness.

    I don’t know how 2012 has been for you so far, but for me and those I’m with, it’s been a little higher intensity than “normal.” It feels as if life is asking us to peel away personal limits and fears and dare to be true to ourselves and each other at a whole new level. At least, that’s a meaning I’m giving to the intensity of what’s going on. And, for us humans meaning is everything.

    Whatever you are doing at the moment, a variety of meanings are available to you.

    For example, say you work as a bus driver. You could “mindlessly go through the motions of driving your route” and have “that experience.” That experience will likely depend on however you randomly react to whatever happens to occur on that drive. That experience could be a “rollercoaster” or a “dull drive” depending on outer circumstances. Most likely, you’ll feel like a victim of those circumstances.

    Or you could consciously give your work meanings that change your world. You could make bus driving a game of skill and thrive on your ability to safely arrive at each stop exactly on schedule. Or you could be mindful that this work enables you to provide for your loved ones. Or you could think of yourself as someone in charge of helping everyone get where they need to go as smoothly as possible.

    Each different meaning you assign to your action gives you a whole different feeling for what you’re doing. Different meanings give you different types of happiness. This is true no matter what you are doing.

    What difference would it make if you took routine time-outs to ask:

    “What does this mean to me and those around me?”

    Choose to infuse what you do with personal, interpersonal, and spiritual meanings and your world becomes filled with purpose. I’m finding the more authentically I do that, the better I work with the intensity of 2012.

    Enjoy your practice,


    Kevin Schoeninger

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