Try This Relaxing Chakra Meditation

    Today I have a wonderful Chakra Meditation for you to try. This meditation is great to practice any time of day, but it’s especially good first thing in the morning after you wake up.

    Just find a comfortable position, sit back, relax and hit the audio PLAY button below….

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      Try This Relaxing Chakra Meditation”

      1. Amazingly beautiful meditation – warm, sensitive, inspiring, comforting. Thank you! Joy

      2. Karen Virginia says:

        This sample sounded wonderful Matt. The voice was pleasing, and easy to listen to, yet captivating, and the healing effective,powerful and good. I am also an instructor on meditation. Hats off to you for sending forth, positive clean energy into the universe that we all share. Crystal, white light to you, and all who you reach. Karen Virginia

      3. sharmila says:

        its extremly relaxing if concentrated properly,thanks for sendig the tape

      4. dyrma says:

        Is it possible to download the audio file on chakra meditation?

      5. John F says:

        You have an ingenious enlightenment idea for folks with your website and your open minded approach.

        I recently purchased a product called “Stress Eraser”. If you aren’t familiar with this, I recommend checking it out.

        This device is absolutely changing my life. I used to practice Transcendental Meditation and was completely discouraged by the results. I looked for more guided meditations and binaurally beat types and was directed to your website. I enjoyed using the QiGong guided meditations and was thinking about spiritual growth monthly.

        I recently purchased this great biofeedback machine and finally my meditations have been giving me the results I always wanted.

        I am a ADD type and having immediate feedback really helps.

        Thanks for your website and your constant communications.

        -John F

      6. seshagiri_chsv says:

        Request you to send me the details

      7. I can’t listen to this as I only get 24kps. Any chance of being able to download it?

      8. Deepak says:

        Fantastic, Rejuvenating and Refreshing. Felt great after hearing it just once.

      9. Robert says:

        Hiya Matt,

        Any chance this could be downloadable – I ask as I prefer to play meditations from another piece of Audio equipment rather than my computer due to location of computer and computer fan noise etc.

        Thanks very much and thanks for the meditation,

      10. Margareta says:

        It is a surprise. I don’t remind that I have contact you or have subscribed to you. From what source have you my e-mail? I want to clarify that thing. Who are Your? I don’t will listen audio from unknown sources. Maybe if will enough know about, I will agree this contact. Thank you for the interest to me. Margareta

      11. chintak says:

        i want to learn the better meditation technique for the better health and better life. So, provide me a good technique free of cost.

      12. Jan says:

        Is it possible to download the chakra meditation to my MP3 player? I can’t get high enough volume on my computer (which is also at work).
        Thanks for your help

      13. Risa says:

        Great!! thank you very much for sharing.

      14. Janet says:

        Hi Matt,
        Wow!! Thank You sooo much!your voice is so relaxing,and i love the meditation. I felt so good afterwards,relaxed,cleansed and peaceful, thanks again x

      15. farhana says:

        Hello matt,
        this meditation is nice. I am doing my meditation everyday 2 times for one yr.You told over phone that recognise who u r? how can I do that? Again thanks.

      16. D.Ravichandran says:

        we are doing the meditation be with breath but we do not collect any money from the meditators. Please do meditaton


      18. Michael Thomas says:

        How do you download

      19. Just superb,wonderful,and deep down to heart and soul,thans for sending me the beauty of yoga,meditation,though i may not be able to sit back for long,since being handicaped,and seveny year old.

        feeling lucky,meeting you thourh this.
        My benevolent regards and respects to you.

        Dr.Jagjit Singh Ahluwalia.

      20. Akua says:

        Matt, thank you for sending this. It was very effective.

      21. Linda says:

        I just tried to order the chakra meditation, filled in the details and want to pay by paypal, however, the process won’t complete. I can enter my details but then it wants my credit card details, yet I want to pay by paypal. How will this link up?

      22. SarahBoykinSmithey says:

        there’s no sound and nothing to look at so what is it?

      23. Hello Everyone,

        Glad you enjoyed the meditation sample. The audio clip has been extracted from the full 15-20 minute version which you can download for just $7. Instructions follow at the end of the meditation.


      24. Johannes says:

        Thank You,
        this meditation was very good for me.

      25. Rocio says:

        Thank you

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