Try This Relaxing Chakra Meditation

    Welcome to another edition of my newsletter.

    Today I have a wonderful Chakra Meditation for you to try.

    But first, let me say a big thank you to everyone who commented on the “What They Never Told You In The Secret” blog. So far 412 people have posted their challenges with manifesting.

    Lots of folks said they preferred an MP3 version, so Kevin is now busily recording the book. I think we’ll give people the option of an e-book or e-book + MP3 download.

    If you haven’t yet joined the Priority notification list for “first shout” when the program is released, be sure to head over to the blog, send us your questions. Click here to visit the blog and do that

    Kevin and I really appreciate your feedback. In return, we’ll send you a free report when the book becomes available revealing 3 Untold Manifesting Secrets.

    Now for the Chakra Meditation sample…

    Just find a comfortable position, sit back, relax and hit the audio PLAY button below….

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