Beware of These Blinding Thoughts

    Last week, we explored making decisions from the guiding light of your intuition. In this week’s post, we’ll discuss some mental habits that can get in the way of sensing and following your inner guidance. Be on the lookout for these ways of thinking that rationalize away connecting to your deeper insights and the actions that can really move you forward.

    Here are some ways that you may be blinded from seeing what is really best for you:

    1. Thinking results should be instant.

    We are so trained for immediate gratification that when things take more time and effort we may think we’re on the wrong track. Yet, authentic value comes from time and energy invested. It comes from love and care over time. The ability to delay gratification and go for what is of greater value is an essential human skill.

    2. Thinking the answer is in some “magic pill” out there.

    It is seductive to keep searching for that secret answer “out there.” However, that is an endless chase. Though it’s a bit cliché to say it, “the secret is within you.” You’ll find it by tuning into what is “going on inside” in relation to what is “happening out there.” No matter what you find “out there” in the world around you, it won’t make any difference in your life if you haven’t addressed what is going on inside your own skin–your thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and beliefs.

    3. Thinking you understand something because you have ideas about it.

    Knowing, doing, and being are progressive states. Yes, ideas are important. They’re a starting point. Yet, how often do you stop at the idea level and never dig deeper? It’s quite easy to bandy about ideas or have opinions that barely scratch the surface. A quick survey of the news or politics is plenty of evidence for that. We can be suckers for easy headlines and sound bites that contain little real wisdom.

    In contrast, engaging in actually doing something that interests you brings you into felt experiences which give understanding of a much deeper kind. Practicing something through many moods, seasons, and challenges takes you into an existential appreciation of the real nuances of any subject. Whatever is really important to you, engage in doing it a little every day.

    4. Thinking “I don’t know what I want.”

    Part of you knows full-well exactly what you want. Saying you’re “bored” or “don’t know what you want” may be a way of avoiding “that.” You may be afraid that what you really want might upset the “status quo” in your life.

    On the other hand, you may not have taken time to fully develop your inner senses. You may not yet be an expert at sensing what you truly desire. Be assured that what you truly desire is ready and waiting for you to ask the question and pay close attention to what you can discover. Take some quiet time to listen and feel deeply every day.

    Your inner guidance continuously nudges you toward better possibilities. To be able to discern and follow these nudges, watch out for ways of thinking that might rationalize them away. Practice sensing what flows from “who you are” and “what you are here to do.”

    Enjoy your journey,


    Kevin Schoeninger

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