Guided Meditation: Being At Peace In Challenging Situations

    In a world where we are increasingly presented with threats and the idea of threats to our well-being, it’s no wonder that we witness and experience so much stress, anxiety, worry, and fear. We constantly have to fend off feeling threatened by our finances, events in the news, and the health and well being of ourselves and our loved ones. So, it’s no wonder we are increasingly seeking ways to feel safe, soothed, and secure—so we can feel at peace in the world.

    So, in the following mini meditation you’ll practice bringing peace to a challenging situation as a model for how you can bring peace to any challenges you face in the future.


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      13 Responses to “Guided Meditation: Being At Peace In Challenging Situations”

      1. Birna says:

        Thank you Kevin, I really enjoyed this guided meditation 🙂

      2. Robyn says:

        Was starting to relax & enjoy this but it cut out at 1.41

        1. Hi to all,
          Thanks for your comments and your “shares.”
          Much appreciated,

          P.S. Robyn, the cutting out might have to do with your internet connection at that moment?

      3. Carol Simpson says:

        Thank you. I listened. It felt good.

      4. Therese says:

        During this meditation, it was so good to put an end to my stress and feel peaceful and safe no matter how challenging the situation I was living.
        The future will never be quite the same.
        I was grateful to share it with a friend living a similar situation.
        Thanks from both of us.

      5. ankur says:

        Dear all
        sharing the meditation by mind body training company.


      6. Hi,
        i just like to say one word, WOW! This is the meditation I needed most right now.


      7. lee says:

        hey guys.
        Trying to deal with the loss of my Mom. Any suggestions to finding a guided meditation with this loss?

        1. Hi Lee,
          Here is a mindfulness meditation I found on grief.
          Very well done, I think:

          I hope you find this helpful,

      8. Myrna Rettegi says:

        Dear Kevin,

        Thank you soooo much for your kindness in taking time to make our day fruitful and

        May God bless you and keep you in all that you do for others.


      9. Lora says:

        Thanks, Kevin for another excellent healing tool! I am always amazed how quickly you find the direct path to the heart of the matter and offer an immediate way to assist. As always, thanks and best wishes!

      10. Hi to all,
        Thanks for your comments, kind thoughts, appreciation, and sharing!

      11. jenny says:

        hi, thank you so much for that beautiful meditation loved it . god bless you . jenny

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