Are You Talking Yourself Out of What You Desire?

    On Monday, we asked ourselves “What is one thing that I want to grow in my life that I haven’t made time for?” There may be many things you’d like to do and haven’t done yet, but it’s helpful to pick one to focus on. Once you’ve identified one thing you’d like to learn, develop, share, or experience, you could just get busy doing that.

    However, it’s likely that you’ve tried that in the past. You may have gotten started or intended to get started and then got stopped in your tracks. You may have pursued what you desire in fits and starts.

    To get you past that stage, it can be helpful to identify one thing that has held you back. What is one thing that has been an obstacle to you? What is one thing that you’ve used to rationalize, justify, or excuse yourself from pursuing your dream? What is a common story you tell yourself about doing what you truly desire?

    For example, you might have told yourself “I don’t have the time,” “My spouse doesn’t approve,” “It takes too much time, effort, or money,” “I’m just not worthy of that,” “I’m just not good enough at that,” “That’s for someone like so and so, not for someone like me,” “People will think I’m weird,” “I might lose everything,” “That would be selfish,” or ____________. (Fill in the blank).

    What is one thing that persistently comes up in your mind and gets in your way?

    Go ahead and write that down. Write down the first thing that comes up

    This may be a revelation to you. You may have been somewhat aware of it, but writing it down could help you see it more clearly. As long as that negative self-talk lurks in the shadows, it can subconsciously stop you from moving forward. Once you bring it into the clear light of awareness, you can address it directly to move forward.

    On Friday, we’ll talk about how to take the next step to move into action. Until then, take an honest look inside and see what you’ve been telling yourself that has kept you from moving forward.


    Kevin Schoeninger

    P.S. At Spiritual Growth Monthly we support each other to discover our purpose and live our dreams

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