Are You Running Into Resistance?

    You’ve identified that one thing that you want to grow in your life. You’ve done some research about how to best go about it. You’ve set up a plan with reasonable actions steps. You’ve joined a group that is busy do just that.

    Yet, you’re still running up against inner resistance.

    You’ve done all the right things, but it seems to no avail. After fits and starts of action, you find yourself back right where you began—frustrated and feeling stuck. Not only do you feel stuck inside, but things on the outside seem to be working against you as well. You’ve heard that what happens around you is the result of what you’re doing on the inside. But you’re doing all the right things.

    What’s going on here?

    You’ve heard that the answer lies in your subconscious programming. Part of you is sabotaging your best intentions. O.K. That’s old news. So, how do you get past that? How do you re-program yourself? How do you turn off the old tapes and record a new path for your life?

    In the coming days, we’ll talk about some keys to de-activating inner sabotage and building positive new patterns.

    On our way into that, check out this great video interview with Bruce Lipton on the power of belief, subconscious programming, and making real shifts in your life:

    Bruce Lipton Interview


    Kevin Schoeninger

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