Are You Missing the Obvious?

    Do you ever find yourself in a mode of the endless search? You’re looking for that perfect job, right partner, secret formula, or magical pill that will inspire you or make everything come together? It’s possible that what you’re seeking is right in front of you, so obvious that you miss it for its ordinariness. You miss it because it’s just too close and familiar and you’ve lost your feel for it.

    What may be needed to find this obvious “something” is actually less outward seeking and less reaching out. What may be needed is some time to be still and quiet—to feel deep inside, underneath the busyness.

    As products of our consumer culture, we’re trained in the pursuit of perpetual busyness and searching “out there.” So, it may take a bit of time to get quiet, to find an inner still-point, to allow things to settle so that a deeper inspiration can come forth.

    You can begin by scheduling some time to be still and quiet every day—perhaps to start the day off on the right foot. You can use a simple technique to get you focused, such as following your breath or centering on an area inside your body such as your lower abdomen or your heart. Simplify your attention to “just that” and stay with it. Keep returning to it, until you find that the chatter dies down and your inner focus strengthens.

    In that stillness, you may find an unexplainable connection to a calm abiding presence. You can go deeper by diving into the center of that still, silent space. Spend some time there to refresh your soul. Then, when you are ready, come back to the surface and witness the world with new eyes. What you were missing before may seem obvious from a clear perspective.


    Kevin Schoeninger

    P.S. If you find it challenging to find that still silent space, a meditation technique can assist you. Click here to learn more

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