An Unexpected Source of Insight

    This week we’ll explore how to use resistance as an unexpected source of insight in our lives. You may think of resistance as negative, as something to be avoided. In this week’s posts, we’ll discover how resistance holds the key to your greatest success. You can use resistance to help you grow.

    First of all, what is resistance? We’re using the concept in its psychological sense, meaning an inner barrier, a place where you resist moving forward in your life. Resistance may manifest as muscle tension, irritation or annoyance, frustration, self-judgment or criticism of others, or simply the inability to get yourself to follow through with your good intentions.

    Where does resistance come from?

    That’s the first question to ask yourself when you feel resistance. Rather than avoiding it or trying to push through it, ask yourself “Why am I resisting this thought, feeling, or action?”

    Is it because you’ve had past pain related to what you are about to do? Is it because you have done something so much that you have worn it out and are ready for something new? Is it because you are receiving hidden gains from not doing what you have in mind? Or are you just resisting something because it takes a little effort or requires a little change on your part?

    You can use points of resistance as doorways to greater inner power when you stop and ask your resistance to teach you about your inner motivations and desires. So, when you feel resistance, take a moment to pause and go a bit deeper. Understand what your resistance is about, so you know how best to approach it. Each moment of resistance provides a different learning opportunity.


    Kevin Schoeninger

    P.S. The Core Energy Technique is a great way to work with resistance and shift into a positive focus. Click here to learn more.

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