An Unexpected Power in Your Heart

    With the news of the earthquakes and tsunami in the Pacific, I am reminded of the research and powerful work of The HeartMath Institute and The Global Coherence Initiative. If you don’t know about them, you may be fascinated by what they’ve discovered and by how you can participate.

    The HeartMath Institute published groundbreaking research in the 1990s about a power that resides in the human heart. They discovered that the human heart emits an electro-magnetic field that is up to 5000 times that of the human brain. Furthermore, they’ve found that you can positively affect the frequency of the field emitted by your heart by focusing on what they call positive “core heart feelings” in and around the space of your physical heart.

    When you are in a positive state of “heart coherence” you emit a field that has positive effects on your brain function as well as on all physiological systems in your body. Even more extraordinarily, you can “send” your core heart feelings outside yourself to positively affect the people and events around you—even over great distances. When many people do this together, this “field effect” is actually measurable in the atmosphere of the Earth.

    No matter how fantastic that may sound in your world view, you can experience the effects of core heart feelings for yourself. We’ll explore how to do that in the rest of our posts this week.

    Stay tuned for more,

    Kevin Schoeninger

    P.S. For a taste of how generating positive feeling in your heart can shift your life experience, check out “Raise Your Vibration”

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