Abundant Energy Meditation Demo: A Joyful Stress-Free You In 21 Days!

    Wonderful news! I’ve just finished the demo track for our upcoming free meditation event. The demo track guides you in a guided 15-minute “abundant energy session” — to stimulate your energetic vibration and get you feeling —

    • Joyful, radiantly alive and healthy, but also…
    • Strong and powerful – fully grounded in your physical body, with…
    • A calm and clear mind focused on what you truly desire.

    Just follow the steps below, and above all, enjoy it —

    STEP 1: Play the short introduction!

    STEP 2: Play the 15-minute “abundant energy session”!

    STEP 3: Click here to register for free access to “A Joyful Stress-Free You In 21 Days” (opens new window)

    STEP 4: Answer the following question (either comment below or email): After doing the 15-minute “abundant energy session,” how do you feel on a scale of 0-10? What did you love most about the demo session and what do you feel would improve it? I look forward to hearing from you.

    – Matt

    P.S. TECHNICAL NOTE: At the moment, we’re using flash streaming which means you cannot listen on iPhone or iPad just yet. For now, please listen on a desktop computer or flash ready mobile device. Of course we hope to have a better streaming solution in place for the upcoming event for all you iPhone and iPad fans.

      66 Responses to “Abundant Energy Meditation Demo: A Joyful Stress-Free You In 21 Days!”

      1. Lil says:

        Thanks again, Matt.
        Loving it 😉

      2. Linda Reed says:

        A very good experience. Am 70, with heart and lung issues (oxygen and pacemaker), so only problem was standing for five minutes … managed it, but very tiring. Sat down for final five minutes of gratitude meditation,which(by chance) have done almost daily anyway. Thank you very much. Shall continue and, know, will get stronger in every way. Bless you!

      3. Vandana Watsa says:

        It was great fun and my spirit felt free and light and I felt like dancing when we went back to slow relaxing walk.

      4. Annie – Glad you feel good. Though I’m not sure I would call this a “seance”. That’s an entirely different program – joking! 🙂

        Linda – Of course you need to be cleared for exercise by your doctor. That said, I think exercise and meditation can be very helpful for many conditions. Please don’t push yourself beyond what feels comfortable. Feel free to walk at whatever pace feels good and it’s totally okay to sit for the meditation rather than stand if you prefer. The main thing of course is to enjoy it!

        Vandana – yes, dancing is another great modality. I knew this program was going to involve a lot of great music and movement. I’m an improving salsa dancer and I’m doing quite a bit here in Bali. That said, it’s a bit strange because I learned New York style and everybody here dances Cuban, which is a bit different. But once the music plays and bodies are moving nobody cares!

        Today I purchased the music for the next “levels” of the program. Hoping to have everything ready in a week!



      5. bernadette says:

        I feel joy more energy and grateful,Thank you for sharing this meditation.Nmaste

      6. kimberly says:

        Thank you:) loved this, it works!!!!!

      7. Ana says:

        This definitely was fun. It brought me back to my childhood of marching and tapping my fingers. I enjoyed the gratitude segment at the end. I feel calm and grateful now.

      8. Jacqueline says:

        It was GREAT! I loved the level it took me to in my emotion. What a relief…

      9. Awesome! 🙂 Lots to do. Lots to do….

      10. Christina Curry says:

        I loved it and am looking forward to the next session

      11. Christine - Reiki Level II Practitioner says:

        Owing to space I did the training in a seated position. I could feel the energy. During and after the exercise I felt calm, less stressed and more energetic and full of vibrant life. I am looking forward to my future more and realize many things I am grateful for already.

      12. Munira says:

        Hi Matt! Love your soothing voice! This exercise was what I really needed today and I feel alive and energetic! It’s been a tough winter and this is what we all need – to come back to life and its true meaning. Thank you for all your free gifts! Much appreciated! 🙂

      13. Thank YOU 🙂 Your positive comment makes my day!


      14. Bonnie says:

        It is wonderful. Alive and tingly all over. Rearing to get my day started. I also felt some peacefulness. Very cool. I look forward to more experiences like this in the future.

      15. Kate Garrity says:

        Is the breathing 4 counts inhale and 4 counts exhale? It is very good! Thank you.

      16. June says:

        This mode just changes everything for me. I have been struggling with meditation and this is just what I need. I send a hug. Thanks

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