A Vibrational Kick In the Pants

    Are you ready to feel uplifted?

    Are you ready for a vibrational “kick-in-the-
    pants” to get your energy moving? 🙂

    Well, I just finished listening to a great audio
    from my friend Karim Hajee. He really gets your
    juices flowing and he gets you focusing on
    FUNDAMENTALS that make all the difference.

    In this MP3 download, Karim walks you through 7
    steps for creating LASTING changes in your life —
    … even the changes you’ve NOT been able to make
    in your life up to now.

    On top of that, you also get another great audio
    called “5 Steps To Activate The Law Of Attraction”

    Get both audios here:


    Karim is a master of showing you how to take
    control of your unconscious thoughts, beliefs and
    attitudes. If you apply what he teaches you,
    your results will speak for themselves.

    In this audio download you’ll discover how to –

    ** Change your thinking so that you attract a
    better life.

    ** Direct the power of your subconscious mind to
    deliver what you want all the time

    ** Be laser focused so you get things done

    ** Let go of the past so you stop worrying and
    enjoy life

    ** Attract the people who will help you enjoy
    success and live the life you want

    To get started simply head on over to:



    Matt Clarkson
    The Mind-Body Training Company



      4 Responses to “A Vibrational Kick In the Pants”

      1. Carol Leslie says:

        The link does not appear to be working. I am not being successful in being directed to the page!

      2. Emily says:

        The link is not working

      3. John says:

        You cannot link to your server. Therfore you cannot download the audio’s. I tried many different ways. I download all the time. It is not me.

      4. Matt Clarkson says:

        Hi Guys,

        Thanks for the “heads up”. Not sure why the link wasn’t working, but it appears to be now:



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