A Powerful Gift For You

    You know, much has been said about the “Law of
    Attraction”, “The Secret” and all that stuff…

    In fact, hundreds of thousands of people have now
    seen the movie ‘The Secret’… But still, only a tiny
    fraction are seeing real and solid results.


    Well first let me say, I think “The Secret” was
    definitely a positive step in the right direction.

    The fact is you really CAN exert much more conscious
    control over what happens to you in life (or what you
    ‘attract’ if you prefer). You really CAN use the law
    of attraction to ‘manifest’ vibrant health, amazing
    relationships and mountains of wealth 🙂


    I think there were several pitfalls in the way the
    law of attraction was presented in the movie that
    block people from success. For example:

    1) Poor explanation of how focusing on results with
    an attitude of ‘wanting’ actively PREVENTS the
    process of receiving… Durgggghhhh! 🙂

    2) The over-emphasis on manifesting ‘things’ and
    ‘future results’ with little emphasis on living in
    the present moment and developing life-long practices
    for real, long-term success (that’s what the best do).

    And since the Secret, there have been hundreds of books,
    tapes and courses on ‘the law’ — many doing nothing more
    than regurgitating the same old biased teaching.


    Then, just yesterday, a friend of mine sent me some
    materials that were very clear and actually surprisingly
    ‘grounded’ in their approach to the law.

    The good news is that I’ve arranged for you to get
    some samples of this guy’s writing forfree… because it
    really is very good.

    I really think you can benefit from this. Simply go to
    the link below and get started immediately:


    Enjoy! (you will)

    Matt Clarkson
    The Mind-Body Training Company

    P.S. Take my word for it: I’m confident you’re going to like
    this. Just visit the link below and see for yourself:



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