A Hidden Barrier to Finding Opportunities

    Yesterday we talked about the secret to turning the economy around. Where some see struggle, others see opportunity. The key is to find opportunities that match your specific interests, talents, values, and resources. Find a need in your area of interest and take care of that need. No matter what happens, opportunities abound for those who look for them.

    So what keeps you from finding and acting on opportunities? What keeps you stuck in struggle? What keeps you from pursuing opportunities that would change your life?

    The answer may lie in “hidden gains” that you receive from keeping things the way they are. Here are some examples:

    *You get a lot of love and attention when you are sick, so part of you isn’t super-motivated to be healthy

    *You have a lot of free time without having a job, so part of you isn’t super-motivated to get one

    *You feel less pressure having low expectations for yourself and life, so you keep your expectations low

    *Learning something new may challenge your view of life, so you stick to what you know

    *You see opportunities as too much work and responsibility, so you’d really rather not find them

    In what ways do you subconsciously seek to maintain the status quo, even while you complain about it or talk about doing something more? What hidden gains are you maintaining?

    In order to discover and act on opportunities, you’ve got to want what comes with opportunity. When your soul’s desire exceeds your fear of actually being, doing, having, or realizing “that,” you may find that the path “magically” opens up before you.

    Identifying your hidden gains may help you to consciously release them, so you can choose to be open to “something more.”


    Kevin Schoeninger

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