A Healthy Diet For Your Mind

    With the pervasive presence of the internet in our lives, it’s easy to become a dabbler in all kinds of information. There’s nothing wrong with dabbling. It can be a way to expand your mind to new possibilities or to break away from the mundane routines in your life.

    However, if you find yourself starting many things and seldom finishing any, or if you find yourself in the mode of “endlessly searching,” you may be dabbling in a way that’s holding you back from achieving what is really important to you.

    I’ve noticed this habit with many folks when it comes to mind-body training and spiritual growth. It’s easy to keep buying the latest books and programs or attending the next great seminar without any of it having a profound positive effect in your life. Reading ideas and having conversations are important first steps in consciously growing the life you desire—but they are only the first step.

    How are you practicing these ideas in your life? What are you doing everyday to grow in love and live your wisdom? How is the information you know translating into creating a better life for yourself and those around you?

    It’s great to be inspired by new learning and ideas, but don’t let it stop there. Rather than rushing on to the next tantalizing bit of information, you might ask yourself how you can integrate what you’ve learned into your life in a meaningful way. If what you’re spending your time and attention reading and watching doesn’t lend itself to making a positive difference in your life, maybe there’s a better choice for where to direct your attention.

    We are moving at a fast pace these days. We are bombarded with information and overwhelming demands on our attention. To be healthy in the midst of that requires that we become very discriminating in how we focus our attention. We must become effective information filters. The more you focus on what is truly beneficial and important and stick with it to the point of making it a part of your life, the healthier, happier, and more fulfilled you’ll be.

    You can think of information as food for your mind. What you read, watch, and discuss becomes a part of you. Make sure that what you focus your attention on is healthy. Chew it thoroughly so that you digest it well. Then, express it by how you choose to live.


    Kevin Schoeninger

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