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      29 Responses to “A Grateful Gift Idea…”

      1. Stuart Young says:


        Thanks for that meditation. I found it relaxing but my logical mind kept saying: If this is my last day – there’s no point planning anything! If it was last day I’d talk to as many loved ones as I could and say goodbye!!
        Don’t know if that was other people’s experience. Just found it hard to find my life’s purpose on the last day I had left.



      2. Thank you so much! I enjoyed it. I am constantly searching for new mehtods to enhance my Nichiren Buddhist practice. Of a course never, ever to replace it but enhance my Nichiren Buddhist practice of Chanting Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo. Keep up the good work!

        Thank you so much!
        Jay Fowlkes

      3. Donna says:

        This was a very moving exercise for me. I know what is most important to me in my live. I do know that my purpose is to help others. I must say that your voice is hypnotizing and placed me in a very relaxed state. Thank you Kindly.

      4. hilda says:

        Yes, most importantly, my last day, the last moment to see and feel my accomplishments, fullfilled desires and enjoy my peace and happiness. All of these in one moment, one urgent day which brought all of these wonderful feelings, emotions and experiences. Simple, short and effective.
        Thank you. God bless you and thank you again.

      5. Paul Hibberd says:

        Hi ,many thanks for sharing.It never ceases to amaze me how the universe shows you whatever you need to see,right when you need it most.

        But only if you allow your mind not to be distracted by the meaningless fluff of life,the door must be open so to speak.

        Thanks once again

        Kind regards Paul Hibberd

      6. Lina says:

        Hi !

        Thanks for that meditation….

        It would be nice to have some soothing
        music …to help out in the meditation
        breating time…not bad …

      7. Angela says:

        A wonderful exercise, left me feeling relaxed without tension for once!

      8. Milt says:

        Excellent handling of meditation (hypnotherapy) technique with one exception. The end of the meditation was too abrupt. You may have been concerned that you were using streaming audio and wanted to reduce your file size?? Anyway, the induction was good and the questions were appropriate. Your voice is excellent as was the pacing of your material. As suggested by Stuart, “the last day of your life” may be a bit “brief;” perhaps “having a year to live” would offer more opportunity to achieve one’s “goals of passion.” Good stuff!! Milt Wood

      9. Linda says:

        I understood the point but it made me really sad to think I only have one day to say goodbye to everyone I love and care about. I couldn’t really think about what I would wanted to accomplish (goal wise) because if it was my last day, why would it matter? I was not really feeling inspired just sad.

      10. A-Chi-TO says:

        I think that is very good.Remember words are very powerful,so some poeple cannot do this reasons because they have to much fear.They will actullay cause issues for themselves.So you need to bring them back into the present more by telling them they are ok and in perfect health.That is for those how never did this before.Remember the brain works and can cause harm by thoughts for those who have fear.Even though the breathing brings you to present there are some wordings that can cause affect to harms for those who have issues.I would love to help you and asist you please email me.I am not putting your work down just trying to help to better it.Love ,peace and vibrant health i wish to you.May light shine thru the places places for you bringing a complete balance.

        Love Always,
        A given buddhist name

      11. Henry says:

        Matt & Clark,

        Thank you for that very powerful meditation. It was very interesting to see what mind threw up; red flags about confronting my last day on earth. Once past those feeling I relaxed into a peaceful now and realized that it’s always our last day on earth, one with varying stage treatments. I realized that all I wanted to do is, express love to those in my life and beyond. I wanted to say to everyone that they are perfect just the way they are and not to worry about changing, in other words I got in touch with the value that other people are. That all of creation brings to my life and that my consciousness has been enriched beyond measure by the experience. Lastly that we (I) are here to take in all we can experience and bless it and feel blessed by it. You can’t by this tour called life; it’s a gift, so enjoy it while it lasts.

        Thank again,


      12. Debi says:

        On my last day I will have Kevin’s serenity and his voice

        I will be filled with peace and gratitude. I will slip on some sandals and take a walk in the woods where the animals are not afraid (or hungry!) but knowing. We will share the knowing and be grateful. The trees will whisper and sing; the ground will stay soft under my feet. Eagle will invite me to her nest at last. Raven and Jay will stay near my side. I will walk to “the” beach where my daughter waits, and just hold her as the ocean pulls all cares from our souls; just like always. I will tell her that always, I will smile because she is my daughter and laugh because there is nothing she can do about it. Not even as my presence changes. And I’ll promise her that she’ll never have to question my presence; she will know without question when I am near. I’ll ask the angels to sing to her and fill her with comfort and confidence. When it is time, I will walk back into the woods and eventually the earth will claim my raiment of body. All is well. And I will occasionally whisper in Matt and Kevin’s ears, just to see the surprize on their faces. 🙂

        Of course, if this happens on a day like today, at below zero with crusty, snow; I’m gonna be really irritable.

        Thanks Kevin. Thanks Matt. I’m so incredibly relaxed.

      13. Natalia says:

        Thank you. I thought about practical matters. Taking care of financial stuff and cleaning out old papers, etc., so others wouldn’t have to do it. I realized I’m not really attached to anything here, on Earth, and am not interested in leaving a legacy, either. You might could test this stuff out on your family members or friends before you send it out to our inboxes. We trust that you’re sending us something that’s worth us giving up our time and energy for. I appreciate your intention, but I’m disappointed in feeling like a test subject. Please, forgive me for being straight forward, but I think you appreciate the truth, since you did ask. 🙂

      14. Vanda says:

        Even knowing that I am one of the thousand of listeners, my feeling was — this meditation is written specially for this day of my life — specially for me! Because few hours before opening it — I was doing everything as if it would be my last day… of one of the stages of my life — and new stage started!

      15. julian rodd says:

        It works, like Mark Twain said..hammer one nail at a time

      16. Mobolaji Adenubi says:

        I will tidy up and print out the stories I have written but not yet published. Stack them in a pile for my children to find and deal with as they deem fit. Then, I will contact everybody I may have hurt by words or deeds and beg for their forgiveness. Visit old friends and take my leave of them joyfully, as I have no fear of death. In fact I pray that I am fully aware at the point I transit. I will tell my loved ones how much I love them. Then I will tidy the house, take a long bath, put on my favourite house dress, spray myself with my favourite fragrance and sit, relaxed in my lazy boy and wait for the transition! Yes, the meditation got me focused!

      17. olaf says:

        I didn’t come up with my life’s purpose – if only one day left that’s not much time to really do much of anything…possibly say goodby to family – what else is there? Not much time to do anything but that. Your life is your legacy good, bad, or indifferent. As mentioned by previous poster – ends too abruptly. If you really want to sell something – come up with something that helps people really find their life’s purpose – and something that actually works. I have spent a lot of time reviewing all the self help products out there – 99.9% of them are crap. If I ever find a company that gives me something for free THAT ACTUALLY WORKS AS DESCRIBED I would be very motivated to buy their other products as I then know I wouldn’t be wasting my time and money. I (and others) are looking for results – not promises and testimonials.

      18. Linda says:

        I enjoyed the meditation. However, I found there were too many questions which kept my mind wondering and trying to find answers and then another questions was being asked. I prefer meditations that don’t require too much thought. I prefer a visualization type of meditation instead. I found the questions interrupted the relaxation part of meditation. However, thank you for giving me some things to think about.


      19. Gail says:

        Hi Matt Clarkson & Kevin Schoeninger,
        Thank You so much the inward and outward

        practical matters that work’s.
        Thank You Again

      20. juanita says:

        I was wonderful, i was in peace, i could hardly feel my heart beat, i was huging,every one saying good bye, felt tears, coming down, very emocional. nothing mattered very quite, calm, i was ready, for what ever comes next. thank you for this, EXPERIENCE. I FELT BLESSED. THANK YOU AGAIN. juanita

      21. Joykutty Philip says:

        It was a wonderful experience. I never taught of my last day ever. after the meditation I could find my priority in my life. I felt to do my works to its optimum. I could not feeel to site for a second idly.It really pauses a movement to think of back and better future.

        I really felt it as a great experience.

      22. Blaine Lee says:

        thanks for the free meditation…not as earth shattering as you say it will be in the introduction, never got my lifes purpose, for the last day of my life, I would say good by to all the dearest people in my life, and express gratitude to all of them and to the universe/god for all I have been given, I would want to travel to my favorite natural places but would not have time. I would get my affairs in order and exspress gratitude and try to be with people I love and hold my cats and have a glass of beer…

      23. CarolK. says:

        It is always good to go within. I found that what is most important is to be with family-nothing earth shattering about that revelation. Ultimately what was strengthen in me was the knowing that being loving and present is the most important thing. Right now , right here. Best get off the computer and BE with my kids.
        Im grateful for life,Carol

      24. Shelly Z. says:

        Nice meditation, but I don’t see how it works with the Law of Attraction. The one thing I would do is to be with my family, so I don’t understand how this will attract abundance in my life.

        Thank you.

      25. fina says:

        Thank you for share this meditation.It is great meditation help me me relax and help me thinking clear and allow me to be know myself thinking. I am very appreciate for what you did to help me learn how to know about this great meditation
        I like about the present is the most importing thing right now, right here, and the last day you have on earth what you have to do. I love every thing and this very help me. I want to say Thanks again


      26. smitha says:

        thank u so much. well it was so relaxing n the last day of my life, i will be leavi happily n wit no regrets ….n doing gud services to people n who ever need my help i wil do my best from dem………..

        hope n lite
        succes smile

      27. Hi Matt and Kevin,

        I have been helping and coahing and teaching and healing people for many, many years, now it´s my turn, I´ve been ill for quite a while, and I have lost track, and I am definitely decided to get back on course, to full recovery and happinees, tha´s what we are here for: to enjoy… and to fufill as you say repeatedly, our unique mission, yes mine has now changed and it´s writing, that is waht I´m aiming at, and it´s true once you get on that correct path, everything sort of opens up.
        Thank you so much for your free audios, good confirmation of waht i actually going on for me.
        Have yourself a merry little christmas and a very happy andd successful new year. diana

      28. Hi Matt and Kevin,

        I have been helping and coaching and teaching and healing people for many, many years, now it´s my turn, I´ve been ill for quite a while, and I had lost track, and I am definitely decided to get back on course, to full recovery and happiness, that´s what we are here for: to enjoy… and to fulfil as you say repeatedly, our unique mission, yes, mine has changed, now it´s writing, and so I´m aiming at that, and it´s true, once you get on that correct path, everything sort of opens up.
        Thank you so much for your free audios, good confirmation of what is actually going on for me.
        Have yourself a Merry little Christmas and a very happy and successful new year. diana

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