A.D.D., Alzheimer’s, and Promoting Optimal Brain Function

    I am constantly perplexed at the medical approach to physical symptoms in our culture. We treat symptoms as if they result from a “prescription deficiency.” Now, I am not naïve to the cause of that—it’s all about the profit. However, I am stunned at the depth to which we buy into it. We seem to be blind to the fact that our bodies are extraordinary self-healing mechanisms that will do their job best when we stop interfering with natural processes and, instead, support them.

    Let’s take three different conditions of suboptimal brain function, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), and Alzheimer’s Disease, as examples. The cause of ADD and ADHD may relate to dopamine production and uptake, while Alzheimer’s may relate to vascular health in the brain. Because of that, the mad rush goes on to find drugs to stimulate and suppress the appropriate systems.

    Curiously, there are four simple lifestyle factors that may be even more promising for all three of the above situations. Since these don’t offer quite the same opportunity for patent and profit, they may be undervalued and underutilized. However, not only are these essential for those who suffer from those symptoms, they are also essential practices for all of us. Here they are:

    1. Exercise daily. Aerobic and strength training exercises improve blood and lymphatic circulation, oxygen delivery, cardio-vascular health, and the production of neurotransmitters such as dopamine. Exercise also stimulates neuro-genesis, the formation of new nerve cells.

    2. Meditate daily. New research shows the power of meditation for stimulating and growing the areas of the brain associated with memory and attention. Meditation also stimulates dopamine production, cardio-vascular health, and feelings of well-being, while lowering stress.

    3. Eat more lean protein and veggies, while reducing sugars, starchy carbs, and trans fats. This will stabilize your blood sugar, control your weight, improve cardio-vascular health, and stimulate dopamine production.

    4. Increase your intake of essential fatty acids by eating coldwater fish and/or supplementing with fish oils.
    This increases dopamine production and improves cardio-vascular health and brain function.

    While the drugs and surgery medical approach may serve us well in emergencies and acute life-threatening situations, the tendency to over-medicate every little symptom has gone haywire. What would happen if we implemented the four self-care practices above with consistency and dedication first, then checked in to see where we are? My guess is that many of our medical symptoms will have lessened to the point that they are manageable or non-existent.

    At worst, these self-care strategies should be used as a first option in non-emergency situations before we rush to fix something that our body may naturally resolve. In any case, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by giving these four self-care suggestions a sincere effort.

    Take care,


    Kevin Schoeninger

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      3 Responses to “A.D.D., Alzheimer’s, and Promoting Optimal Brain Function”

      1. Hi,
        I live in a Central American “third world” country.Its the second poorest country in Central America. The people here have no money for expensive drugs…nor do they want them.
        The abundance of natural plant therapies suffice. The big commercial companies often scout out what the locals are using and derrive a more sophisticated chemical, tablet form of it and then patent it. There are proven “alternative” methods that I have taken for the common cold, fever, pain and ahost of other tropical diseases. Usually the mother in the household knows all of these remedies and most families grow the trees and bushes inside their gardens. What they don’t have they know there neighbor has and so they share. Normal doctors here earn $400 per month…its not a money motivated society.

        1. Hi Paul,
          Thank you for sharing your experience living in Central America. It is refreshing and inspiring to hear about the cultural difference there.


      2. SusGun says:

        you cannot reserve age, your body ages no matter what you do with it, until they find a way to fix all the cells in your body at once, and again you are with nature. humans are not design to get younger period.

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